A Narrative about a Bad Decision and its Consequences

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A short story based upon a top I had to focus on for English

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



It’s been three months since...that day. Three long, antagonising and hellish months. I don’t understand what happened, or even why it happened, all I know is that it did and now I have to live with that decision the rest of my life. It’s amazing how time can creep up on a person, one minute you have plenty but the next - gone.

Gazing out the misted window, the only thing I have to watch are the raindrops slowly, slowly, slowly dribbling down the glass. I press my forehead against the window in shame; so much time wasted. I could have done more! If only I had an extra month! Straightening my back I take a few deeps breaths, I need to calm down, my lungs feel like they’re going to explode and my chest feels tight with anxiety, but worst of all my eyes are sore from sorrow and mourning.

Feeling slightly calmer I drag my slouched figure to the sofa, where I carelessly throw myself onto the seat, the remote protruding into my backside as I do so. Dislodging it promptly, I hold it in my hands, scanning over the vibrant buttons that are buried beneath a background of black plastic. One button in particular catches my eye. The button. The button that’s borderline visible as its once bold writing begins to fade away with usage and age, but it’s still my favourite button, laced with white paint and finished with the boldest of reds in the classic Netflix font. I skim my thumb over the top, and regardless of the TV being on or not, I press it in hopes of it miraculously switching on and showing me the endless collection of movies and TV shows still to be discovered.

“Oh Netflix, why were you taken so soon?”, I whimper to the empty living room.

Looking back 8 months, I can still see the never ending smiles on the faces of all those that gaze upon the Netflix movie collection, or the echoing laughter as the next episode of a random American sitcom graces my TV screen – I never did have to bother selecting another episode due to your automatic ‘up next’ functions, did I? Day after day you brought newly added movies, night after night you brought me comfort in the shape of action films or horror films; I named it, you had it. But now...now you’re gone. The nights are quieter; the laughter is less frequent and worst of all: the movie selection smaller.

I don’t understand what happened; it was as if the 6 months free trial was 6 days, hours, minutes (that’s how short our time was). If only we had another week, then I could have at least finished season 4 of ‘Teen Wolf’, but no. You’re gone, and it’s my entire fault. Now, I find myself having to interact with people, and I hate the way the fresh air fills my lungs when I have no choice but to leave the house.

Freeview isn’t the same either. Everyday it’s filled with the same old people selling the same old stories, millions of shows with not one interesting story line. Adverts every 5 minutes attempting to sell me pointless items that I don’t need, yet I am drawn to buy. They take over, I give in and buy the product – it’s a vicious cycle. I need help.

The worst decision I ever made? Not paying the seven pounds to keep you around. Not paying the seven pounds to keep watching the endless seasons and movies you have to offer. I know our circumstances can be fixed, but it isn’t that simple, I can’t afford to keep you. I can’t afford that much a month, but at least we’ll have those six months?

Melting into my worn and vintage sofa, I press the standby button and flick to the most appealing show of the most unappealing list of shows.

“Soon. Soon I will be able to afford you again, Netflix”. 

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