The Sun and The Moon.

The Sun and The Moon. The Sun and The Moon.

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



I have just started writing a book. I will keep you posted as i get into higher chapters. I have just got to chapter seven.
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I have just started writing a book. I will keep you posted as i get into higher chapters. I have just got to chapter seven.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Sun and The Moon.

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I have just started writing a book. I will keep you posted as i get into higher chapters. I have just got to chapter seven.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 02, 2009



TheSunandthe MoonBy:Elizabeth Laurane Jeffrey


Look at me.” I was getting frustrated with him. “You never look at me anymore. You just stare out to nothing in sadness all the time.” He just looked forward as if he had to, like he couldn’t control it. I wondered if he knew I was there at all.”What’s wrong?” I whispered. As always now days there were no response. Thinking I would not get any response I got up as soon as I was 3 feet away he said, “Stop, stay please.” I didn’t know he would be standing so close or I wouldn’t have turned around. Our eyes caught which was something that never happened anymore. I’d never seen him so sad. “What’s the matter?” I asked patiently. Still holding my gaze he placed his hand on my cold cheek. His flaming skin would have made me flinch if I were paying attention. “ Do you really want to know what the matter is?” He asked. “Yes.” I whispered holding on to myself with all my strength. “I don’t know what to do anymore. I need sometime away for a little while to think.” He explained carefully. I froze I suddenly felt his blistering hand on my cheek and quickly moved away. “It’s only for a little while.” He was trying to reason with me so I would stay for a while longer I knew it. “Well.....I....I.....I know you’re not coming back for a while, so I hope you have a good life.” I said it with sadness. Then I thought of something to tell him before I couldn’t take it anymore. “When you’re not here my sun will merely be a tiny dot of light. It will never shine brighter than a star in the sky at night. Then moon won’t be welcoming anymore. It will be like fire melting ice. It will melt me away eventually. Until we meet again my love, my heart will go away too. I will be hollow. When you finally return to me my love, the moon and the sun will collide, blinding the whole world with its brilliant light. That is when my heart will return to me. Until then my love, I must say goodbye and I am sorry for that I must get away before I break. Goodbye my love, my heart, my soul.”

Chapter One

You would think a person would call the people they live with family. Like mom, dad, brother, and sister. But not me. Oh no, because the people I live with aren’t my actual family and they don’t even know it. You would think I would have a boyfriend too. Though I am weird boys notice me all the time. I have Long wavy black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.

As I lay in bed I wondered what my real family was doing. Of coarse I was the only one awake for I could not sleep. At all. I knew a school day lay ahead for me. Another boring day pretending to be someone I’m not. The person I was pretending to be was Karly Laurence. The Laurence family seemed so happy all the time, everyone except for me.

Another sunny day in North Carolina. Well maybe it wasn’t sunny everywhere in North Carolina but it sure was in this little town of Dobson. I sat on my bed fully dressed waiting for Jamie Laurence to yell that breakfast was ready (not that I was hungry). In the other room I heard Amy the perfect and James the stupid getting ready very quickly for this was the first day of High School.

“BREAKFAST!!!!!” Jamie yelled finally. Again I was the first one in the dining room, followed by Jeff. Finally everyone was at last in the dining room too. This is everyone in my fake family: Jamie Laurence/mother, Jeff Laurence/father, Amy the perfect/sister, and last and least James the stupid/brother. We were all the same age even though we weren’t born the same day. My brother, sister, and I were all sixteen.

On the bus to school Amy sat with her boyfriend Gorge, I sat in the back of the bus with no one, and James sat with his stupid friends. In school everything was new. Ninth Grade, new teachers new everything. This didn’t make anything hard on me though. It was funny to me how James and Amy could get popular so fast. No one even dared to talk to me. Probably because of Amy and James telling lies about me. Thankfully the day passed fast and soon we were all back home.

The next week there were some new students. People said their names were: Zach Cromwell, Seth Jones, Collin Smith, Jack Berry, Charlie Pops, and Chad Stone. The weird thing is that they all came on the same exact day. By lunchtime I still hadn’t seen any them. As usual I sat alone. I was just staring at the wall when the door to the lunch room opened. Six tall guys came through the door since I hadn’t seen them before I knew they were the newbie’s. Everything went silent as they got their lunch then when they all got out of line the girls started whispering, well all of them except for me. I really didn’t see what the big deal was. They were just people. I thought they would go sit at the table where all the girls and my Amy sat but I didn’t really care so I just went back to staring at the wall until everyone stopped talking again. They all seemed to be looking straight at me for some reason. That’s when I saw three of the boys sit across from me and heard the others sit beside me. People started talking again except this time everyone was asking why they picked me instead of them. I heard the boys start talking around me. “Aren’t you going to eat that?” the boy beside me asked me. I didn’t know how to answer I hadn’t talked to anyone in school yet. So I was taking a while to think of what to say so when he asked again, “Aren’t you going to eat something?” I didn’t turn to face the boy I just hid in my hair and said, “I don’t usually eat anything.”

Everyone at the table stopped talking and looked at me in shock. I expected them to leave or not talk to me for the rest of the lunchtime. But after a moment the boy beside me said, “Hi I’m Seth Jones and you are?” I turned to where I was facing him and noticed his hand was extended. “Karly. Karly Laurence.”, I said taking his hand then quickly jerking it back Seth too had jerked his hand back and didn’t say anything for the rest of the lunchtime.

Chapter Two

For three whole weeks I couldn’t stop thinking about Seth’s burning hand in my freezing hand. At first I thought he wouldn’t talk to me ever again, but the next day he and his friends had sat with me again and we talked a lot. Today I had missed the bus and was going to have to walk home. As I was putting my books in my locker I heard footsteps coming toward me but I ignored them. I waited a few minutes after the footsteps had stopped to close my locker. When I did this I found Seth leaning casually against the locker beside mine. Yes there he was Seth Jones, Six feet tall, dirty blonde hair that was almost brown, soft brown eyes, and tan skin. Adding that all together made him a pretty handsome boy. I was smiling even though I was surprised to see him there and said, “Hi Seth.” He turned his head to look at me, smiled back and replied, “Hello there Karly.”

I started walking down the hall because I thought he wanted to get to his locker. Looking at my watch to see what time it was I figured I had enough time to get home before dinner. Since I was looking at my watch I didn’t notice Seth standing in front of the door so I run into him knocking us both down to the ground. Quickly I got up. “Oh my gosh Seth. Are you okay? I’m so sorry.” I said then offered him my hand. He pulled himself up and replied, “Yeah I am okay. It’s okay it was my fault.” I didn’t know what else to say I knew there was no way he could have went to his locker already so he must have wanted to talk to me. “I was wondering if you would want to go out sometime.”, Seth said nervously. This I didn’t expect. What should I do? Last night at dinner Amy had said that she broke up with her boyfriend so that she could ask Seth out. I really liked Seth but he was Amy’s new crush and if I said yes Amy would crush me in many different ways. I knew I was going to have to turn him down even though I didn’t want to. Even though I wasn’t looking at Seth’s face I could see some impatience in his feature along with nervousness. It was going to be easier since I never looked in anyone’s eyes. So finally I said, “I’m sorry Seth. If I say yes I wouldn’t live long enough to go out with you because of some evil person in my house.” I could tell Seth was hurt that I turned him down but I couldn’t comfort him like I wanted to because running down the hall was Ms. Evil herself. So instead I started running.

It took me fifteen minutes to get home. Amy didn’t arrive until an hour later but she was wearing a smile of triumph so I really didn’t want to go to the dinner table. At dinner Amy was the first one to speak, of course. “Hey guess what everybody I’ve got a band spanking new boyfriend. He is the hottest guy alive and he is all mine. The one and only Seth Jones.”, Amy said very proudly and she was looking right at me like she was saying in your face. That was the last straw I could no longer take being with this fake family of mine anymore. I grabbed my jacket, keys, and left the house putting my cell phone in my pocket.

Walking in the town of Dobson is more fun if you have someone to walk with. So I went to Fisher River Park. As I was swinging I began to cry. I stopped to wipe off the tears when I heard voices heading my way. Quickly I went to hide behind the slide. “Seth what’s up man you seem very sad.”, Collin stated. “I am not sad, and nothing is up except the sky.....,and airplanes and UFO''s!”, Seth snapped. I finally decided to come out after listening to them talk some more. I stepped out from behind the slide and the moon came out at the same time. Seth jumped like he had seen a ghost. “What are you doing here?”, Seth sighed. He probably expected me to say stalking him or something. But instead I replied, “ Oh I was just playing around you know. Then you guys came so I hide and finally decided it was safe to come out. That is what I am doing here.” Seth stared at me like he didn’t understand what I had just said. I was wondering whether I should repeat it. Seth sighed then complained, “Why are you torturing me? I gave you a chance and you messed that chance up. Now I am taken.” This saddened me even though I already knew all of this. Why do I have to hear it again from Seth Jones? Gosh. “Did you know I already knew that and that is why I am here in the first place? I wasn’t fallowing you. I didn’t even come here to hear you say the same thing my sister said okay? Please stop torturing me okay?” I stated. Now Seth was just looking at me like he was going to cry and I definitely couldn’t take that. Maybe all this was for that better after all I was a vampire.

As I turned to leave Seth grabbed my arm. “Karly don’t go I need you.” Seth sighed sadly. Just then I turned and did something I never did I looked him in the eyes.

Don’t walk away from the person you need the most. Look inside their soul and find the goodness inside of them. Find their heart

Chapter Three

After I had looked Seth in the eyes we both had frozen like ice, not moving one fraction of an inch. I didn’t understand what was happening. This is why I don’t look people in the eyes. It always felt weird to me but looking into Seth’s eyes was way different. Somehow it had meant something. A new beginning. We didn’t speak to each other for a whole week. It just felt too weird to even be near each other. So this left us in an awkward position. I didn’t know how we were going to each out of it either.

At lunch all the boys except Seth was at the table no one expected him to come either. But then I heard two people sit down which meant that Amy was with him. I didn’t expect him to even notice me let alone talk to me so I went on talking to Collin and Chad. “So how have you been Karly?”Seth asked. Everyone at the table stopped talking and I froze. What was I supposed to do hide from him? Get up? Oh my I needed some help. Before I could answer James the stupid came over and said, “Cat got your tongue Karly? Or is that just, well shame because you like Amy’s boy?” James and his stupid friends started laughing, but I was getting really angry. “Karly the weirdo how is that brain of yours working? Is it a bit slow today?” James snickered and tapped my head. Just as he did that I got up super fast twisted his arm behind his back so hard he started screaming in pain. Finally I let go letting him fall to the floor. I sat not caring that everyone was looking at me. Not caring that I was a monster.

After lunch Collin, Chad, Zach, and Charlie followed me. “Did you hurt him too badly?” Zach questioned finally. Sighing I turned around to face all of them. “If I did, he deserved it.,” was the only thing I said. At the end of the school day I decided to miss the bus on purpose. I saw Amy and Seth coming down the hall out of the corner of my eye. Running I made it out the door without talking to either of them. But when I went out the door I felt as if something bad was about to happen. Then I heard it the screaming, the wailing, I felt the hurting. I was having a hearing vision. Something I hadn’t had in a long time. I couldn’t see picture. I heard what was going to happen. I fell to the ground my head aching badly. I heard footsteps rushing towards me. The first voice I heard was Zach. He ran to me asking all sorts of weird questions. The one person he freaked out he most was Seth Jones. He pulled me into his arms before I could complain. Seth acted as if I was the baby and he was the mother. Asking what hurts, do you think you will live? I mean oh my gosh. Finally I started feeling good enough to stand so I pushed against Seth hard until he let go.

The vision had scared me. I didn’t know what to do. Amy was going to kill me as soon as we were alone. My fake parents were going to kill me again when I got home so I was not in the hurry to be around any of them. It would be too dangerous. So I started walking until I got to a giant house. I didn’t know I why my feet took me there. Soon the door opened and Collin and Charlie came running out towards me. How was I supposed to know they lived here. I bet they all live in there.

“Heeeeey! Karly.,” Collin and Charlie shouted at the same time. That made me smile. How did I get to their house? Who knows all I knew was that I enjoyed seeing them. “Hello boys. So this is where all of you live? It’s nice.” I stated. As soon as the words were out of my mouth their smiles grew so wide all they could do was nod. I wondered where Seth was but I dared not ask. He was Amy’s. He didn’t even like to talk at all to me anymore so why would he want to see me at his house? I sighed, it was so nice knowing where their house was in case I needed them. “Guys I don’t even know how I got here. My feet just took me here like I knew this is where I wanted to go.”They looked at me when I said that in surprise. Then a knowing look came across their faces like they knew something I didn’t. As I was about to ask what they knew the door opened again. Seth hadn’t seen me yet. I panicked. “Calm down. Calm down Karly. Its gonna be alright. He won’t eat you.” Collin whispered. Even though he kept reassuring me I couldn’t calm down one bit. When Seth would turn around he would probably start yelling at me or something. It was as if Seth knew I was standing there. He just stood there with his back turned to us. Tense. Ready. I didn’t know if I wanted him to turn.

“Hello, Karly. ”Seth sighed. Finally he turned and looked at me. Why me? Why couldn’t he just walk backwards? I should talk to him while I had the chance. Before I could reply he said, “Why don’t you take a walk with me?” My eyes widened. I looked up at the sky then all around. There was nothing that would make the day seem special. Maybe he just wanted to chew me out. But why? A walk? What did he need to say that Charlie and Collin couldn’t hear? “Fine. I’ll go.”I finally managed to say.

In the woods it was quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. The leaves were changed colors now because it was almost fall. Time had passed be so quickly. I was just looking around at the beautiful scenery when Seth said, “Sorry. I guess I have been acting sort of childish lately. Will you forgive me?” I stared at him and stopped walking, he stopped too. Forgive him? What had he done to me? Not talk to me? No big deal. I was used to people ignoring me. “It’s okay. You haven’t done anything wrong Seth. I haven’t been talking to you either.” When I said this he walked over to me and squeezed me in a hug. A hug. He hadn’t been talking to me until today and now he was hugging me. “I thought you hated my guts Seth. Now you are hugging me. You are confusing me.” Seth smiled. I hadn’t been able to look at him good in a long time. He had gotten slightly tanner and taller. He made me feel like a munchkin. I only stood five foot seven. Suddenly I stopped smiling with him. A tingling sensation rippled through my entire body. Everything went black and I heard screaming. This time the vision was clearer………..Seth had been the person screaming.

It was chilly. I couldn’t feel anything or hear anything in the blackness. Finally I awoke feeling like someone had hit me with a bus. I heard Seth saying, “KARLY! KARLY! Are you alright? Please wake up. Please………I need you, so wake up. KARLY!” Oh. My. Gosh. Seth was. . . CRYING! Why would he be crying I was still alive? I knew my eyes were open but still I saw nothing. Then I realized Seth had me pressed up against his black shirt. Quickly I stumbled out of his arms. Everything around us seemed different. It was dark. I had been out for hours. I wasn’t breathing. No wonder he was panicking poor Seth. “Oh thank goodness you are alive. I could have sworn you weren’t breathing at all. I thought I would never hear you talk, or see you walk around again.”Seth said tears still flowing down his cheeks. I looked at him. I didn’t know he was looking at me to. Our eyes caught each other for the second time. “Why do you even care?” Seth looked a little angry but didn’t answer instead he pulled me close and kissed my forehead. “Why wouldn’t I care?” I had no answer to that question. “We better get going.” I said pulling away from him and walking towards his house.

The houses lights were on when I finally got to my house. It was really late and I knew Jeff and Jamie were the only ones awake. I was dead meat. Quickly I slipped through the door hoping they were in the other room. But sitting on the couch were Jeff and Jamie looking very angry. “Where on Earth have you been Karly? You should have been home hours ago. You know I don’t take people being this late, it is two in the morning.”Jeff said. He wasn’t telling the truth. He had let Amy come home at three and she hadn’t got into trouble. “I was just visiting a friend for Amy. She told me to ask Seth something for her. I would have been here sooner but Seth didn’t get home until one.”I lied. Amy hadn’t told me to do anything for her, and if she had I wouldn’t have done it. Suddenly I heard something in her room. My parents looked towards Amy’s door. I could hear what was going on but I didn’t want to hear it. Jeff went towards her door and opened it. “AMY!!! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!?!? GORGE LEAVE NOW!!!!!” Jeff looked as if he were going to rip Gorge in half as he flew out the door. This was my only chance to get out of there before I killed Amy for cheating on Seth. I was gone before Jamie got to me. . . .long gone.

At school the next morning Amy was all over Seth. I didn’t know how I could manage looking at the cheater pretending to love him. But I did. What was I supposed to say Seth, Amy was cheating on you. Like he would believe me. So I didn’t answer him when he asked what was up, I just kept on walking. Today at lunch was the first time I had ever really seen what the lunchroom looked like. It was a large room, not too fancy, it was mostly white with a bit of color. Collin was the first one of the boys to sit down and I was glad. He must have noticed that I looked angry and sad, because he asked, “What’s wrong Karly? You look like you are not telling me something.” Should I tell him? Ugh. I looked around to make sure the others weren’t coming yet. The coast was clear. “Amy was cheating on Seth with Gorge last night. Me and my parents heard something in her room while they were about to kill me, and Jeff opened the door and found Gorge in Amy’s room.”I whispered. Collin paled, he looked like he was going to be sick. He looked frozen to that spot. Seth sat down beside me and saw Collin’s ghost white face. This. Was. Bad. “Collin, are you alright?”Seth questioned. Collin didn’t move he hadn’t been breathing either because he suddenly fell over gasping for air. I was glad Jeff and Jamie had made Amy stay home today. Collin stumbled back up to his seat. “She what?”I looked at him like shut up, and then I went over and whispered in his ear, “Later.”

“So let me get this straight. You know she cheated on him and you won’t even tell him. That is just wrong and you know it.” Collin sighed as we walked out the school door. It seemed as if billions of leaves had fallen since the day before. “He wouldn’t believe me if I told him. You know he won’t. We haven’t been close since they started dating.”I reasoned. Collin looked at me in disbelief. I couldn’t tell Seth if I tried it would be too hard. He probably really liked my sister. Collin rolled his eyes. “Seth loves you Karly. He will believe you. You need to forget his feelings and tell him the truth.” As soon as Collin had started the sentence Seth and the others had walked out of the door, but Collin didn’t stop until he finished what he was saying. “Now is your chance. Karly Laurence tell him now.”I couldn’t do it. He was standing right there he had heard what Collin said. EVERY WORD! I just couldn’t do it so I did what I did best, I ran.

“WHAT DID YOU TELL HER!!!”Seth screamed. I heard him running after me. If I ran any faster he would get suspicious. HECK! I turned to the right towards the Fisher River Park, and hid behind the playhouse. “ Karly. Are you there. Did Collin say something to make you mad or sad or anything bad feeling? Please come out.” Seth was trying to get me to come out that easy hah. I wasn’t easy. I could changed my voice so that is sounded like I was everywhere at once, so I did it. “He said you love me. Do you Seth? But that isn’t why I ran. I ran because I had bad news that I need to tell you, but I don’t know how I can do it.” The wind blew a tornado of leaves towards me. Everything was silent. It was as if time had stopped moving. Colorful leaves fell. . .still silent. I thought he had left until all of a sudden he was right in front of me. He pressed me against the back of the playhouse. “ Nice trick you have but I know better Karly. Collin told you I loved you huh? Well what if it was true? How would you react? What is it that you have to tell me?” I couldn’t move nor breathe. Suddenly I was gushing everything out like I was sick and just had to throw it up. Once everything was out Seth looked saddened and backed away from me. He had believed me. We stood there for what seemed like forever. It was getting dark. I didn’t know what to do. Home didn’t feel like the safest place anymore. “Seth. . . I've got to get home. My parents are already going to kill me. I’m so sorry. Bye.”I didn’t look back to see if he was following me, but just ran all the way home.

As soon as I walked into the door Jeff started screaming at me. I took all his hitting and screaming then finally climbed into bed. Lying awake as always I wondered if Seth was alright. He had seemed so sad. I would hopefully see him tomorrow. At school I didn’t see Seth at first. It was as if he had disappeared into thin air. But finally at lunch I saw him. He sat beside me as usual; he even started out the conversation. “How are you Karly?”I looked at him. He looked unexpectantly happy, so I answered. “Fine what about you?”He responded immediately. “ I am absolutely great!”Everyone at the table including me looked at him shocked. He had been so sad yesterday now he was as happy as a jack rabbit in the middle of a bunch of clovers. I didn’t get it. Lunch was over and when I got out of the lunchroom door Seth was waiting for me. “Why don’t I walk you to your next class Karly?”He asked. So surprised I couldn’t say anything so I just nodded. What on Earth was Seth up to? Was this some sort of joke? All I knew was that he was talking to me a lot more and he was being way nicer. The rest of the day seemed to move slowly, because Seth kept staring at me. I mean what was wrong with this kid. His mood swings were driving me nuts. I knew I had to find out what he was up to as soon as that last bell rung.

I was putting my books in my locker. It was finally time for Thanksgiving break. When I closed my locker door Seth was standing right there not evening leaning this time. Not wasting anytime he asked, “Wanna ride home?” This was starting to scare me. He was asking me if I wanted a ride home with HIM! OH. MY. GOSH. Again I just nodded. In his car we didn’t talk and finally he pulled over at an abandoned church and said, “You think I am stupid. I am not. I know what you are. I never really liked Amy. You care about me and I care about you. But you won’t even tell me the truth about yourself. Vampire.”

HE KNEW! THIS WAS BAD! Trying to stay calm, I said, “Well you haven’t been completely honest with me either. You thought that I was stupid. I didn’t think you were. Even if you are a werewolf, I still care about you. I haven’t hurt anyone I prom----,” He cut me off. I swallowed hard. If he was going to kill me right then and there I wanted some warning so that I could get away. Surprising me Seth smiled and pulled my ponytail. He was SMILING! There was one thing I absolutely knew. BOYS ARE COMPLICATED! I bet there is no one in this world who understands them. “I won’t tell them you know. Even if they find out it probably won’t matter to them, because you are different. Not in a bad way but a good way. You are special to all of us. I bet everyone loved you in your human life.”I couldn’t believe he had said that. I looked at the old crumbling church. His words brought back a long lost pain. My family. They hadn’t loved me, they had told me that their selves. They had treated me badly, because I couldn’t be what they wanted me to be. I could never live up to them and rule Kent, England. Never. I couldn’t treat all those poor people the same way they treated them. “No one cared about me in my human life.”Seth looked over at me like I had just said the worst thing in the world. He wasn’t going to say anything, I could tell by his face. Instead he turned on the car and taking one hand off of the wheel slid his hand into mine. I didn’t say anything or pull my hand away from his, I just thought of how great his hot hand felt in mine.

At home everything seemed normal (probably because no one was home yet). That was the best news I had heard all day. No one was home. YES!! I made it to my room and turned on the TV. It was on the news station. The news of the day, in Dobson bodies has been found along the side of the road near the high school. They are said to be sixteen year old Kaitlin Hemming, and eighteen year old Joe Dawn. The blood has been sucked out of both bodies, it seems we have some vampires on the loose, or is it just some murderer making this look like a vampire did it. We are all hoping to get more information soon. Back to you John. I quickly turned off the TV. Some other vampire was trying to make it look like I did it. I was dead. The wolves were going to kill me now. GOSH!

School was a place I didn’t want to go. But I had to. At my locker before classes started I didn’t see Zach, Seth, Charlie, Collin, Jack, or Chad anywhere. This scared me. Where could they be? They always came over and talked to me before class. At lunch the pack was still nowhere to be seen. I was beginning to worry. Suddenly the lunchroom door opened and Zach followed by the others came in. They got their lunch and sat down at my table. I just hid in my hair. “Hey Karly. How was the school day without us?” Collin and Chad said at the same time. I didn’t answer not because I was afraid, but because I was having another vision. A bad one. This was bad; I had never had a vision at school. When I had one I couldn’t control what I did, I knew what I was doing I just couldn’t control it. My eyes turned completely black no white or any other color, my head hurt so bad I started screaming, I fell to the ground. Then is when I heard it. Across the room the lunchroom doors opened and Simon, Jameson, and Michael walked in.

They were beside me in less than a second. “What’s wrong? Your mamma leave you? Do you want your daddy? You can’t stand it, can you? You know he does not deserve you. Why don’t you come with me, Elizabeth?” Simon said. I hated them. They always got what they wanted by getting on peoples nerves. I stopped screaming but my eyes didn’t change. “LEAVE ME ALONE SIMON!” I screamed angrily. That was it. I couldn’t stay at the school any longer or people would notice my eyes. Also I needed to be alone. With me, myself, and I. I ran so fast I was out of the lunchroom before anyone could see me go. Stopping only as soon as I arrived at the forest. I sat on the closest rock and cried. It was getting dark when I heard someone coming. Before I could hide Seth came out from behind a tree. “You alright?”As Seth said this I ran up to him and hugged him hiding my face against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me. “What’s wrong Karly? Are you alright? Are you hurt?” Seth asked like a worried mother. “Yeah I’m fine. No I am not hurt, and nothing’s wrong anymore.”I answered so he wouldn’t be worried. We stood there for a while, then we heard someone else coming. Collin, Chad, and Charlie came walking up to us. Quickly I pulled away from Seth but not before Collin saw our embrace. He grinned so wide that it made Seth turn completely red and me feel like hiding under a rock. Charlie and Chad saw his grin and look confused. I really had to get home soon. So I quickly said, “Well I better get going. My parents will start screaming at me if I get home late again. Bye people. See you. . . . Monday.” I smiled and ran home.

When I walked into the door everyone was watching a movie. Jeff paused the movie for Amy. “Have you seen Seth? He hasn’t talked to me in like forever. I really want him over here right now.”I couldn’t believe Seth hadn’t broken up with her yet. Oh, yeah he had been busy lately. “Yes as a matter of fact I just got back from his house.” I smiled slyly. Amy’s eyes widened. She looked totally P.Oed. But then she just smiled and walked away. I very much disliked that smile; it said I know something you don’t know. “Heeeeey, evil weird sister! You owe me. I get to give you a but kicking now.” James shouted before I closed my room door.

At school the next day there were new kids. More like new girls. All of the guys were talking about them even before they had met them. The pack were the only ones not talking about them. I was glad. At lunch I was surprised the boys didn’t come at all. I went to their house after school. They were all there, and when I say all I mean THE NEW GIRLS. Zach of coarse was the one to do the introducing. “Hey Karly I would like you to meet our old friends. This is Laurel, my girlfriend.”He pointed to a tall thin girl with light brown hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. They looked like they were meant to be together just by looks. Zach had light brown hair too, but had light brown eyes. “This is Terra, Collin’s girlfriend.” This time he pointed to a short perfect bodied girl, with streaming golden hair, and medium brown eyes. Collin and Terra didn’t exactly look like the perfect couple, with Collin having dark brown hair, and green eyes, but they sure looked happy together. “Over here are Stephaney, Chad’s girlfriend and Ginger, Charlie’s girlfriend.” Zach pointed to Stephaney, who had reddish orange hair with exotic green eyes, and then he pointed to Ginger whose hair was chocolate brown with dark blue eyes. Both looked like they were perfect matches with their boys. I looked around confused after saying hi to all of them, there was something missing. Seth. He was always there when I came, but today it was like he evaporated. He knew I was coming today because I came every day. EVERY STICKING DAY! “Well I just came to see if you guys were alright because you just disappeared. I have to get home early. Parents orders.”I smiled, lying. I had a really bad feeling about seeing Seth today. “Wait you should come see Seth first, he has been looking forward to you coming all day long.” Stephaney and Chad said at the same time. Freaky, but kinda cute. “Uhm, sorry guys I really have to get home, maybe tomorrow, it is Saturday and I have got all day tomorrow. See you later.” I said and walked out of the door before anyone could say anything else.

I didn’t know what to do. All I knew is that I so didn’t want to see Seth. But I had promised I would come. DANG IT! I should just get it over with. Quickly I ran to The Pack’s house. The door was open before I knocked. It was a girl who I hadn’t seen yesterday. HOLY CRAP! I hadn’t seen Seth either, which meant she and Seth were with each other. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! “Oh my gosh, you are Karly. It is so nice to finally meet you! I’m Jessica, but you can call me Jessie.”I stared at her wide eyed. He had never told me about Jessie. NEVER! I didn’t say hi. I couldn’t. I felt like passing out or running away. CRAP! “Uhm, are you okay. You look like you aren’t feeling very well. I don’t know what to do. Everyone should be back in a few minutes. Can you wait, or do I need to call 911? Karly! KARLY! HELLO! Please talk. There is a bathroom if yo---,” I cut her off. I needed a moment without hearing her panicking. Man can she panic. I stared at her she was the most beautiful human I had ever seen. She had a perfect tan, dark blonde hair and dark eyes. She was skinny but not too skinny, and two inches shorter than Seth. Perfect for him. Perfect. I didn’t wait for them to get back I ran home. I couldn’t stand seeing Seth with someone else, but I was not going to ruin him having a chance with a human. Closer to him than I was. No I was going to run away from this town of Dobson and find my family. Never look for Seth or my friends again. EVER!

Chapter Four

I was running faster than I had ever run before. I would be strong. Even if the place I was going to meant I would have to go through the woods beside The Pack’s house. I kept running till I got to Fisher River Park, then I stopped. Remembering all the memories I had shared with Seth there. Seth. NO! I WAS STRONG! This time I ran until I reached the woods I had to pass through.

Run. That was all I could think, even though my feet wouldn’t go anywhere past the place where I always went when I was hurting. Finally I got my feet to move. It would be a while before I got out of the woods. Suddenly I heard something, was it an animal or just the wind? I didn’t know. I had to keep going so I ran until something tackled me to the ground. Snarling I tried to push the giant hairy thing off of me, but it wouldn’t budge until I stopped trying to get away. It got off of me finally, but instead of running I stood there curious to what the beast could be. Then it turned around. It was Collin. I could tell be the beast was just a bit bigger than a normal wolf, but a lot stronger. COLLIN! He was suddenly in front of me in human form. I smiled, but he was frowning. “How come you never told me you were a vampire? You let only Seth know and not me? Or the others.”Collin complained. “Then Jessie tells us you run off. Without saying where you were going. We check your house and you aren’t there. Then we check the place you always go in the woods, and the park. You weren’t anywhere. Seth was having a nervous breakdown. Literally. So we check the whole freaking town and you are still nowhere to be found. The only reason Seth told us you were a vampire is because he thought you were half way to California by now. Being as fast as you are.”I looked at Collin fusing at me and couldn’t help but smile. “I had to come by myself and try and find you, everyone else is trying to keep Seth from crashing completely. Girl you are in trouble. BIG TROUBLE!” Finally he finished and I sighed with relief. I didn’t think I could handle hearing a friend lecturing me any longer. It just wasn’t right. Jeff and Jamie were like that but not Collin. I must have scared him badly. He looked hysterical so I hugged him, which seemed to calm him down some. “I am truly sorry for scaring you guys, and making you angry.” I apologized.

At last Collin and I made it back to the house. When we got there I froze. I so couldn’t do this. Collin finally realized I had stopped. What was I supposed to do? Say I was sorry. I could hear all the crying and screaming and it was scary. “It will be okay as soon as you get in there. He just thinks I won’t find you.” Collin reassured me pulling me forward. I had never heard Seth sound so. . .sad. . .well I didn’t really know how he sounded. When Collin opened the door the noise only got louder. Collin had let go of me and I had again froze, but this time a yard away from the door. I heard Zach ask, “You didn’t find her?” Collin answered “She was right. . . well she was right behind me. There she is.” Collin sighed pulling me into the house. I saw Seth right away, he was bent over crumpled in the floor crying and screaming for people to leave him alone. Jessie was the one bent over with him but he kept pushing her away, which looked like it was hurting her feelings. I wanted to go comfort him but I couldn’t , I didn’t know how to. Collin pulled me forcefully Terra helping by pushing me toward Seth. “Hey Seth, Karly is here to see you.” Collin said. “Oh, no I won’t fall for that trick again. The only way I will look up is if I hear her voice.”Seth screamed. He wanted me to talk. GOSH! I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I would only make things worse. I might start crying too. I looked at Collin for help, but he only told me to say something. NO HELP! So I closed my eyes and said, “Uhm, Hi Seth. . . . .how’s it going?” I wasn’t sure if I should have said that, but hey I said something. Suddenly Seth was hugging me so tight I couldn’t breathe, not that I had to but still, I was caught off guard. “You better not leave me again or I will kill you. Why did you run off for no reason at all? I was worried I was never going to see you again Karly. I need you FOREVER no matter what. Okay?”Wow Seth was threatening me. That was new. I couldn’t answer his first question. NO WAY! “Okay, whatever you say Seth.”That was all that I could say. Seth finally pulled away. I have never seen him after he really cried. He looked like a lost little boy who had just found his mom. Relieved. I remembered what Collin said. ‘You are in big trouble’. CRAP! I saw Jessie glaring at me for some weird reason, she also looked like she wished she were me. THIS WAS NOT WHAT I HAD PLANNED! I had to go home, but I doubted Seth would let me go anywhere now. I looked at Zach who looked at me at the same time. He pointed out the door, and he looked serious. “Uhm, Seth I’ve got to go home okay? Okay. Well, bye people.”I hurried out of the door and Zach followed me. “So you are a vampire? Why were you so careless? Seth cares about you, and so does everyone else. Did you think you were going to accomplish something by running away from whatever you were running from? Well you didn’t did you? Don’t answer any of those questions. Go home. I WILL see you tomorrow. No buts.”I just nodded and ran home fast.

Zach Cromwell was one of those guys that don’t trust people at first, it takes time, and if you lose his trust it takes time to get it back. I thought about it all night. At four in the morning I finally decided to go for a run. I seriously hoped I wouldn’t be tackled by werewolves this time. Instead of running through the woods again I went up to the house. I jumped into Seth’s bedroom window. He was fast asleep. He was smiling; I had never seen someone smile in their sleep. Happiness was filling the room, which made me smile. He was happy in his dream; I wished he could have that happy dream forever. After watching Seth for an hour I heard Zach, Laurel, Collin, Terra, Chad, and Stephaney talking down stairs. So I walked out of Seth’s room and peaked around the corner to see if they were dressed and they were. “Zach you know she will come, honey. She isn’t a bad person, maybe she wasn’t even running away, maybe we misunderstood.”Zach listened and nodded in agreement to Laurel’s words. I got up and went out Seth’s window, went around front, and again the door was open before I knocked. “Nice of you to finally come Karly.”Zach sighed like he had been growing impatient. COME ON! It was five in the morning. FIVE! He was beginning to get on my nerves. I just walked into the house and sat down beside Collin and Terra. “Seth will be up soon, you’ll see.” Collin whispered where only I could hear him. “I hope he doesn’t, he seems to be having a very happy dream. He is smiling.” I whispered back. Collin grinned at me. Obviously he knew I had been in Seth’s room. Just then Jessie came down. She looked over at me like I was the worst thing in the world, which made me look down sadly. Finally I looked over at her again. This time I had a vision. This was going to happen TODAY! It saddened me. Collin saw this, I quickly got up and left the house, with everyone watching me.

I was sitting at me favorite stone in the woods thinking about the vision when Collin followed by Terra came up to me. “I knew you wouldn’t try to leave again. You know better. What did you hear that has unsettled you?” Collin asked. I looked around at the now bare trees and didn’t answer. Collin asked again impatiently. So I finally answered, “Seth and. . . .Jessie. . . . . .are going to be a. . . .you know a couple.”Terra and Collin looked at each other and laughed, like it was completely unbelievable. Then they saw my face. They knew it was true. “How could that be true you have no proof? Do you?”Terra asked quietly. If only they could see what I see. Hear what I hear. They would be certain it is true. “The vision told me time and place, because I am supposed to watch. You are welcome to come with me.”I sighed. Both of them pulled on my arms and dragged me to the house never letting go until I was in the door. Seth was awake eating breakfast, when I came in the room he stopped and grinned. “Hey there, Karly. What’s up?”Yes he asked that. So I just said hey and sat down which seemed to trouble him. “You know you didn’t have to drag me here I would’ve come back, Zach. You know I would have. All I needed was a little time to think alone.” Zach looked at me distrustfully. He would never trust me again and I knew it. But I had to make my own choices, after all I was 152 years old, but looked like a 16 year old. “Well I couldn’t take chances now could I, Karly?” I glared at him. “I am not a child, Zach don’t you think I should be able to do whatever I want.”Zach stared at me like he never thought of it that way before. He looked almost ashamed. Seth stared at the both of us, like we were being stupid. “Guys you need to stop fighting. I think both of you are the children.”I glared at Seth and Zach now. This was making me angry. So I tried controlling my temperature by glaring at their green wall. I heard Seth get up. He was walking towards me. Why did he enjoy torturing me? Seth sat beside me and looked up at me confused. It was like he was trying to read my mind. It was giving me a giant headache for some odd reason. “I hope you will be happy at least.”Was all I said, but what I said was too much. Seth looked more confused, and so did everyone else except for Collin and Terra. “Can I go home?” I asked Zach, looking up at the time. “No way.” This made me angry. So I flew off the handle. “NOW I WONT ASK I WILL JUST GO HOME! I CAN DO WHATEVER I LIKE! YOU ARENT MY MOTHER! TRY AND STOP ME AND YOU WILL WISH YOU HADNT!” Yes I said that, yes it surprised everyone in the room, and yes I had to run. So I did run around to the spot my vision had told me to go. It was about the time. Just a minute to go. Collin and Terra came up behind me, at the same time Seth and Jessica came out the door. “Seth she isn’t good enough for you. You know it. She has too much of a temper. She might hurt you.” Jessie said quickly. “Why did you follow me Jessie, I am busy. I’ve got to go find her.” Seth looked angry. “I wanted to tell you something important.”She sighed looked helplessly sad, which made Seth turn around. “What’s up?”She looked uncertain, but finally said, “I love you Seth.” Seth stared at her wide eyed. Heb looked like he didn’t know what to say. At all. “You love me. Why didn’t you tell me years ago. You know I would have listened whether I li----,”That’s when it happened. She kissed Seth on the lips. ON THE LIPS! He kissed her back for a whole freaking three minutes. I heard gasps from behind me. I didn’t know what to do. This time when I ran I was followed by my friends.

I sat down on a bench with my head buried in my knees. Terra was the first to speak. “It’s okay Karly. I doubt it meant anything really.”But even she knew it did, she was just trying to make me feel better. “You are still coming tomorrow right?”Collin asked. I just looked up at them both. They were worried. I just sighed and didn’t answer. I looked at the colors on the playground. “Seth probably just kissed her back because he hadn’t ever kissed anyone ever.” Terra said reassuringly. I wanted so bad to believe her but I didn’t. Probably because I knew it wasn’t true. “I should go back with you guys. It would be weird for you two to come back empty handed.”Quickly they agreed and pulled on my hands. “From now on call me Elizabeth, for that is my real name.” They looked at me and just nodded. We were in front of the house doors and through them before I knew it. Everyone was staring at me like they were happy to see me, but Seth and Jessie were nowhere to be found. Zach pulled me into a hug and said sorry. Then I sat down. Finally Seth and Jessie came in. “We couldn’t find her.”Seth sighed, but he had seemed happy when he came in the door. I said something before anyone else could. “Bull crap. You two didn’t even look for me. You two were much too busy doing something else now weren’t you?”They both looked surprised. Terra and Collin couldn’t believe I said it either. But the thing that probably surprised them the most was my English accent. I had a protective shield around me that was Seth proof. I wouldn’t fall for him ever again. “What are you talking about? Why are you talking like that Karly?”Seth asked. I looked at him in disgust. “First of all, my name is Elizabeth, not Karly. I talk this way because I was born in England, and I no longer care if I embarrass you. You both know what you were doing back there, you were making out.”When I said this Collin said, “Holy Crap.”This made me laugh. Then I turned around and watched what was happening on TV. The only ones now still in shock were Seth and Jessica. “Have you been lying to me all along? You were probably loved by all in your human life, and a spoiled brat. You just told me no one cared about you to make me feel sorry for you.” Seth said that which hurt my feelings. I hated being able to cry. “I only didn’t tell you my name or where I came from. The rest was the truth. I knew I shouldn’t have told you that. I just told what you were doing. You were lying to them. I wasn’t. YOU WERE! I told you the truth about that. You and her being together shouldn’t be a secret, unlike other things. Personal things. I HATE YOU AND HOPE THAT YOU DO DIE LIKE IN ONE OF MY VISIONS, I WONT STOP IT ANYMORE!”I was out of the door.

At school the next day I didn’t talk to anyone. At lunch The Pack and the girls sat at my table and Seth tried to talk to me, but I just got up and left. Simon was standing outside the school door expecting me to threaten him not to touch Seth, but I didn’t. I was half a mile from school when I heard Seth scream in pain. I stopped automatically. I am not going to turn back, I kept telling myself but soon I was in front of the school watching Simon sucking Seth’s blood. I knew if I didn’t stop him Seth would die. Quickly I pushed Simon away and grabbed Seth. I ran to the woods. I knew what I had to do to save Seth and I did it. I bent the trees to make sunlight come through and licked the wound until it finally closed shut. He wouldn’t become a vampire that took a lot more work. He would stay the same, but he would live. I carried his passed out body to his room, and left him there.

I kept my distance from the wolves for two weeks. Then finally at lunch Seth broke the silence. “I’m sorry okay. I never meant to hurt you. I just lost my temper.” Seth said grabbing my hand like he was shaking it, and placing a piece in my hand. “Truce?” I sighed. “Truce.” At my locker at the end of the day I finally looked at the note.

I am truly sorry, Elizabeth. I have something to tell you that I have to tell you in person. Meet me at you place in the woods. Come alone.

-Seth Jones

It was his handwriting, and he had given the note to me himself. I guess it was safe. So I ran to my place in the woods, Seth was already there. Alone. “I am so glad you came. I was afraid you would not show.”Seth said looking relieved. I rolled my eyes. He really doubted me. Please that was the stupidest thing ever. HE doubted ME. I was the one who should have been doubted him.

“So what did you wanna talk about, Seth?”I asked quietly. He looked at me for so long I thought I would have to repeat the question. Finally he said, “Remember that time you and Collin were talking outside of the school alone and then you ran when I came outside?” I looked at him not knowing where this was going. Or at least that was what I was making myself believe.“Uhm, yeah why?”He looked down and flushed a bit like he was embarrassed to say what he wanted to say. I didn’t get what was taking him so long to answer. At the same time I was remembering that day, and trying to think of something he might bring up again, and I could. But I just thought it was just something else so I didn’t even think twice about my idea. “Remember when I said ‘maybe I do love you’?” Yes, he went there. Why would he go there? He was definitely confusing me. One minute he is kissing Jessie and the next he is bringing up the subject about loving me? I mean come on. It doesn’t get any more confusing than that, or does it? Can’t say yet, it just might. Dang. I just realized he hadn’t said anything yet. So I said, “Well?” His back had been facing me, but when I said that he turned to face me. “You think I like Jessie don’t you? Don’t answer that. Well I don’t okay, I really don’t like her at all. Everything was all confusing, and I didn’t know what to do okay? I panicked. No one has ever kissed me and I didn’t know how to react. I. . . I. . . . . . . I don’t think I can live without seeing you, it has been hard for these two weeks. You didn’t call or come over, you wouldn’t talk to me. I suck at stuff like this, you know. I just can’t do anything right, I am only fifteen. Please forgive me I. . . I, um, I love you.” I stood there in shock, not moving, blinking, or breathing. He just said the L-word. Oh. My. Freak. We stood there for thirty minutes, not saying a word. Not one. I actually eventually got out of shock. “Wait, wait, wait. You are telling me that you, Seth freaking Jones love me Elizabeth freaking Jeffrey. You have got to be kidding me. After one hundred twenty-one years of no one except my adopted family has ever loved me. Why would you love ME?” He just looked at me, trying to hold back a smile but finally lost the battle. HE WAS LAUGHING! What did I say that was so freaking funny, I mean I sounded serious, didn’t I? He stopped laughing and said, “Why wouldn’t I love YOU? I know you will come up with a zillion stupid th

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