3 Houses Down

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 14, 2018

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Submitted: February 14, 2018




Thirty Pairs of eyes stared at me in the darkness that began to engulf me. All that was going through my mind was the sound of my friend laughing as he shoved me into the darkness.

The Argument

 “Jake! Come down and have breakfast. You’re going to be late!”

“Late for what mom?”

“I told you yesterday. I wanted you to go over and play with Ethan. He’s going through a tough time with his family, and should have someone to play with.”

“First off, never say play again. Second off, Ethan never wants to do anything I like. I’m sure he has plenty of other friends, mom. I really don’t want to waste my whole Saturday hanging out with him.”

“If I hear one more word out of your mouth about Ethan, I will make you ‘waste’ Sunday too.”

“Fine. I’ll go over after I eat, but I’m coming home around six.”


The House

 After I finished my lovely breakfast of runny eggs and over-cooked sausage, I went three houses down to Ethan’s house. As soon as I got to the house I was greeted by an older woman, maybe in her fifties, walking her dog along the cracked sidewalk. It wasn’t a very pleasant greeting considering she ignored my hello and stepped on my new shoes.

This day was just not starting off the way Saturday’s should.

After a minute of staring at the house, I finally walked up to the door and knocked.

Ethan and I weren’t the best of friends, but we use to hang out with each other when we were little. Once we started to get older, we began to separate not liking the same things anymore. My mom still thinks we are “the best of friends”, but like many other things she was wrong.

The old wooden door opened about three inches before the lock got pulled tight and the door couldn’t open anymore. A shadowy face looked at me through the opening and hollered, “What do you want?!” in an old, raspy voice.

“I… I was looking for Ethan. I guess I’m at the wrong house. Sorry.”

As I started to walk away, I heard the door  slam behind me.

What’s with that guy? I thought to myself.

I went back to my house and told my mom that some stranger opened the door and I didn’t feel comfortable going in. Then, she asked me what the address was. I said I didn’t know, but it was three houses down on the left. She laughed and said it was on the other side of the street. I felt pretty dumb after that.

“So, how is your day going so far Ethan?”

“Pretty good I guess. I found something interesting in my backyard. Wanna see it?”


We walked out into Ethan's yard and I stopped after ten feet. There, in the middle of his yard,was a hole.

It looked more like a crater to me, but Ethan insisted that it was a hole.

We walked up to the hole and looked down.

“What’s at the bottom?” I asked.

“There is no bottom!” He hissed as he shoved me forward.

At the Bottom

 I was falling and I was falling fast. I was easily going twenty-five miles per hour, without any chance of stopping. Then, I unexpectedly landed on something bouncy. I bounced up and down once before I stopped and lay still on what I thought was a mattress. I was actually lying on a pile of dead bodies!

I stood up dazed and shocked. I began to look around. There was a tunnel right in front of me and at the end of the tunnel there was a small light. This small light I saw was floating towards me. I was standing there because standing there was all I could think to do at the time. The light was getting closer and closer until it stopped at the end of the tunnel. Fifteen people walked out of the tunnel and began to surround me. The man holding the candle smiled at me right before he blew it out.

Thirty pairs of eyes were staring at me as I got grabbed from behind.  


© Copyright 2020 Elizabeth S.. All rights reserved.

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