The Crusifixion

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God is love :)

Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012



I just couldnt understand what was happening. My husand, one of the most well known roman ceturions, had always talked to me if something was wrong.I could tell that he wanted to say something, but he was holding it back. We ate in silence that night. My best friend Aretha told me about how her husband had abandoned her. He began just not talking to her, and eventually just left her. In rome, your man was everything. If your man left you, you had no money, and no identity. "No this cannot be happening to me, it just can't."I banished the thought from my mind. "My husband loves me, he will never leave me."

The next nightI prepared food as always. I tried to talk to him again. I said, "Please tell me what's the matter, you know I'll do anything for you, just please tell me whats wrong?!" and he bagan to speak. "I crusify people all the time right?I get spat on and yelled at, mocked and critized.I can handle that. but this one guy, His name was Jesus, (this is when he began to cry)He didnt fight, He didnt yell, He just looked at me with the most tender form of love in His eyes and I couldnt take it!!!!!Ican take on yelling and fighting but that look in His eye, I just cant take it!!!I was beating Him and hurting Him and taking Him to the place where He would die, and He still showed me love. He cried out as we were nailing him to the cross and he said, " Father, forgive them, they don't know what they're doing. Forgive them??? Forgive them??? I am killing him and He wants to forgive me. He must've been the Son of God, just as He said. I killed the Son of God.

After three days had passed, my husband came home excited about something. He said this, "I saw him today!!!", "You saw who?", "I saw Jesus!!! Alive and well!! I'd recognisethat face anywhere!!! He'salive!!!Do you know what this means?! God cannot be killed!!! We have a Savior of love that cannot be killed!!!!!

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