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About bullying and how to stop it.

Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Submitted: January 29, 2012



Bullies! I know no one likes a bully so lets all stop them in their tracks. They try to find the imperfections of you or anyone. And now with our mordern day technology, they have cyberbullies ; a bully online. People can also hack your online networks such as ;Twitter, Facebook and they make harsh status updates so keep your passwords safe. As a example," It can be really emotionally damaging when someones telling you, ' Your ugly,'You're fat,'You should go kill yourself'- even if it's not in person - Rebecca,17. One reader says, " A lot of my friends are deleting their accounts because girls are bullying them"- Jaclynn,14.

Thanks to sites like likeFacebook, it's now easier than ever for you- and everyone else- to see when you're being excluded. As many as 70 percent of young people have experinced some form of bullying. People usually become bullies because as they were growing up they were bullied themselves by friends or family. Others have been abused or unloved so they use that hate for that person on other people. And sometimes people are antisocial; shunning the society of others, not social.

So lets all get help to conquer bullies! First, you ca ignore them your anger and furstation is their fuel to keep going. Second, If the problem gets serious like a threat, then tell a parent, or concuilor and go to a place that makes you feel safe and protected. Lastly, stick with friends that you trust, and if you do these step 1, 2, 3 you will be bullyfree and you can join a Stop Bullying Club at your local school or church.

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