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Box Of Rain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 24, 2019

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Submitted: January 24, 2019



A sleek red grand piano

Sits in the centre of their recording studio

The lid is propped up & ready for him to play

His crisp white music scores line the piano ledge

Floor to ceiling windows with black velvet curtains

Have been pulled open to allow the moonlight to flood in

Off in the distance, the skyline of Nairobi is visible


Five white chairs are set up, five rows deep

Each group of twenty five surround the piano

From every corner of the studio

Each of them decorated with satin bows 

Made with the same colors as the Kenyan flag

Just enough room for an intimate group of 100

To witness the release of "Box of Rain"


As the guests arrive they are greeted at the door

Pleasantries are exchanged with each guest

They are offered champagne & caviar by the butlers

Each dressed in black tuxedos with crisp white shirts

They each carry a silver platter, each wearing white gloves 

The invited guests are record & marketing executives 

The grandfather clocks gold chimes indicate it's 8 PM


Guests make their way to take their seats

The room is quiet with the exception of the odd whisper

Everyone is waiting in anticipation 

Eager to see him perform

Three seats remain empty in the front row

Each marked with a red reserved sign

The chandeliers dim & the crowd falls quiet


Three women enter the studio, arms interlocked

They each take one of the empty seats beside the piano

The studio darkens & he makes his entrance

From a secret door hidden amongst the mahogany walls

He quietly slides onto the piano bench

His silhouette outlined only by the soft light on the piano

He's dressed in a black tuxedo & a tailored red shirt

Along with his trademark; the black fedora 


There's no introductions as his hands take their place

They seem to be at one with the ivory keys 

Music is flowing effortlessly from his fingertips

He entertains the guests with his entire compilation 

That he conceived & composed while living abroad

He; confident that one day they would return home

Together to his roots & to release his music


Separated for years from his family

This evening is a very special occasion b'cuz

Everyone in attendance played an instrumental role

In his musical journey & life this far

Now ready to finally take the world by storm

The chandeliers come to light & brighten the studio

Thundering applause & cheers reverberate

As he tips his hat in response to the standing ovation


He slides off the piano bench & he motions

For the three women to join him at center stage

His mother comes forward first

She's beaming with pride & hugs him tightly

His daughter joins them & they share a group hug

Then he motions for her to come forward


She's dressed in a sheer red & white evening gown

That's embellished with diamond studs & his initials

He takes her hand & he encourages her to spin 

Round & round he makes her to twirl

They're smiling from ear to ear

And occasionally laughing out loud

It's clearly obvious that they're deliriously happy

To be together once again


© Copyright 2020 Elizabeth 'Wild' Roberts. All rights reserved.

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