Daddy's Toy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: August 03, 2019

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Submitted: August 03, 2019



A white stretch limo pulls up to the curb
The driver asks me to wait 'jus a second
Until he can come 'round the car
To open my door

Extending his hand & assisting me
Out of the car
He escorts me up the walkway
Just past the black wrought iron gate

A shiny brass gargoyle knocker
Is mounted on the red mahogany door
I knock six times
As per the invitation I received 

Thirty-three seconds pass
Before the heavy red door creaks open
She purrs like a wild cat in heat
'Finally, Daddy's Toy has arrived'

She places her finger to her lips
Reminding me, that I'm not allowed to speak

She's topless with perfect breasts
Adorned with perky dark brown nipples
That I lust to cup in the palm of my hands
While licking, sucking & tugging at them

A pair of black leather chaps
Hug & expose her tight brown ass
She's wearing a NY City Police Officer’s hat
That's pulled down low

Only her mirrored sunglasses peek out
From underneath the brim
My reflection I see, staring right back at me
She's got a Tiger tattooed
Just over her left breast

She takes my hand
Quietly leading me inside
I hear metal grating on metal
As she slides the deadbolt into place
Locking the door behind us

Her dungeon is dimly lit
Only vanilla scented candles are burning
Each of her different playrooms
Are well outfitted with a variety
Of devices, each designed to restrain

Many are equipped with locks & silver buckles
There's a large room at the end of the hall
With a 5' x 10' billiards table
In the centre of the room

She has a fire already burning in the fireplace
A well sharpened stainless-steel cutlass
Adorns her fireplace mantel

She begins to gently untie the belt
That's cinched around my waist
Keeping my long black trench coat closed
Preventing it from slipping open

B'cuz underneath, I'm completely naked
The only thing I'm wearing is the
Thigh high black seamed stockings &
My 4" red stiletto heels
That allow us to see eye to eye
Just as she had ordered

She turns me around & instructs me
To lift the long curls of my fiery red hair
So she can place a black leather collar
Around my neck

Locking the chrome buckle snuggly in place
A silver dog-bone shaped tag dangles loosely
From the center of the collar
It's engraved with the words 'Daddy's Toy'

She places a black silk scarf
Over my eyes
Tightening it around my head
Blindfolding me

She kisses me deeply
Exploring my mouth with her tongue
Biting my bottom lip
I'm now completely at her mercy

I feel her black leather crop snap to action
As it makes contact
With each cheek of my ass
I feel the sting, the slow burn
That leather leaves on my virgin white skin

She instructs me to take her hand
Guiding me to the edge of the billiards table
Where she helps me climb the three stairs
Assisting me, so I can position myself
Directly in the middle of the table

She commands me to lay face down
Making my round ass the table centerpiece
Ordering me to stretch each of
My arms & legs out towards the edges
So she can shackle my wrists & ankles
To the red leather handcuffs mounted
On each corner of the table

She reminds me before she begins
To drip the hot wax
That I'm not allowed to flinch
I must remain calm & focused
At all times controlling my breathing

She begins slowly by
Dripping one or two drops of hot wax
Allowing it to cool ever so slightly

It's a long, slow process
To cover my entire back & my ass
The heat generated with each new drop
Is like the pain of a 2nd degree sunburn

She knows my pain threshold &
Patiently allows time
For me to breathe
In between each new drop

Constantly reminding when I've had enough
All I need to do is utter my safe word
At which time she'll release me
No questions asked

I push through the pain
As I feel the wax begin to dry
The skin on my back tightening
As the hundreds of drops join
Completely covering my entire back

Many hours have passed & with
My body in a state of complete relaxation
I feel her fingers begin to explore the wetness
That's accumulated between my legs

I feel her hot breath on my ear
As she leans in close to congratulate me
My performance has pleased her & she offers
To reward me with a sexual treat

In the meantime, she cautions
I must continue to lay completely still
Until she's finished peeling off the dried wax
With her razor-sharp Trinidadian cutlass

Once the final piece is removed
She instructs me to take a shower
While she installs the drop sheet

She dictates that I return within 13 minutes
Reminding me that I cannot be late
My session she will conclude
By releasing my built-up sexual tension
Right there ... on the billiards table

© Copyright 2020 Elizabeth Wild. All rights reserved.

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