Knock-Out In Round 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



I miss being able to touch you

To run my hands over your smooth dark brown skin

To caress your nipples, so hard & so erect

Flickering them with the wet tip of my tongue

I loved waking you up when you slept in late

Quietly taking you in my mouth

Having you submit to me orally

It was erotic watching your facial expressions

Your hands trying to cover your face

In total submission & pure ecstasy

As if it was the first time a woman

Had ever taken you this way

I used a steady rhythm with just a slight twist

Until you were almost ready to explode

In that millisecond just before we'd become one

All those pressures of daily life, of loving someone

Who lived on the northern side of the hemisphere

The majority of our lives spent apart

It's in that millisecond that you realize

She's really here, in Tobago and beside you &

She's the one going down on you

She's the one about to make you break

That instant when her hair falls from her

Loosely tied up auburn-red bun

Life feels likes it's in slow motion

Tantalizing & tickling you just enough

To distract you, causing you to lose all control

Screaming out "Oh my God ... Oh Fuck"

Convulsing & shuddering

While your seed was being released

Into her mouth; the mission now complete

Without even opening your eyes

I let you drift back to sleep

Just as quickly as you had sprung to the occasion

I snuggled you for awhile

Happy & content to be in your arms

However, after waking to find you still sleeping

I started the process all over again

With no pun intended; your reaction was twice as sweet

There we were in Tobago, our little cottage in the bush

The sun hadn't even begun to rise yet

There you are being taken orally, for the second time

Your facial expressions forever will be ingrained

In my visual memory bank

When the bells rang, signalling that round two was complete

I once again let you fall back to sleep

Knowing you needed time to recuperate

B'cuz the knock out you'd endure in round three

Would leave you speechless & ruined

For the entire day

© Copyright 2020 Elizabeth Wild. All rights reserved.

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