Hell's Ladies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hell's Ladies.
I like hell sometimes.
I pray and the good people sent me there.
Drank some water there
FYI it made me sick.
I like hell
It's okay.
I am hell
and trying to laugh.
The hospital is hell
They laugh at me and call me suicidal retarded.

Love hell the hospital.
Passion for laughing if your a nurse.
You are noone you are of the devil schizaphrenic , psychi pathetic lieing hor bitch that is what the good people say;.

I am a hell raiser the Houston Harrasser I am told.
STupid and the epitamy of stupidity.
There is chicken in hell.

Tastes crappy because it is not cooked correctly.
God bless me and all the sweet demons the good people say
belong in hell.
Why try if you are going to hell.
Hell is my name.
and dieing and playing games are my ways.
I am sorry I am of the devil.
You can not cast the devil out of me.

Retarded, retarded, psycho, bitch.
schizaphrenic psycho man.
I love you when will you die retarded psycho man.

Love, Nanette Carrillo
love me.

Hell's ladies of the day time.
bless me.

This is a short poem about a true women they say is a hell raising , harrassing slut.

Submitted: January 18, 2013

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Submitted: January 18, 2013



Hell's Ladies

I like hell sometimes.

I pray.

The good people sent me there .

Drank some water.

FYI it made me sick.

I like hell

Its okay.

They say Love hell

I am trying to laugh

The Hospital is hell

The nurses have a passion at laughing at schizphrenic.  retarded bitches.


Nurses are hell raisers.

Hell sickers  I pray.

A world of peace today.

Heaven a better way.


Psycho, bipoloar, suicial, bitch chick.



© Copyright 2020 Elizabetha Gabriella. All rights reserved.

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