Spaceship Galatica From Mars

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This poem is dedicated to star warsfans. It is about Russian and French Astronauts landing in the USA with star wars Martians from Mars with them. If you like star wars you might like this science fiction poem.Enjoy.

Submitted: June 28, 2011

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Submitted: June 28, 2011



Spaceship Galactica From Mars

I saw an intergalctica star wars spaceship in the sky.  It went like a shooting star coming down.  Enormous spaceship of white and gray with star wars martians of good and evil shooting down from their latest flight.  Great big Martians white as light and some black as evil night.  Then I saw stairs opening up from on top of the craft. and five spacemen in spacesuits jumping out and walking all in a row.  They came from Russia to Mars and back to the USA. Astronauts from another country  found their way to USA soil.  I think one was from Russia the others from France said they brought moonrocks, Martians and sand. Said they left French and Russian flags on Mars.  They asked if they were welcome to land in the USA.  They brought back Martians for us to meet.  The good martians showed them the way.  Now they might have to be on earth to stay.  The martians smiled and made a few sounds, they did  not speak like you or me.  They communicated through telekinetic power conveying thoughts with material power.  They seemed to like the cosmonauts.  The tall martians black and white stood tall and grand with everyone staring.  They had never been to earth you see.  The reporters said put the martians on TV. for all the world to see.  What will the people believe.  French and Russian  cosmonauts almost lost in space, brought back by martians to the USA.  Communicating through teleknetic thoughts translated into martian powers.  Great big Russian spacecraft state of the art.  Used to fight star wars in the sky.  The skys are now peaceful  way no more star wars for today.  What will the world say?The cosmonauts calling Russia and France now .  Astonauts now no longer in space.  Today in 2011 there are martians now in the USA today.


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