Never the reason until now

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another love song

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012



Never having a reason to feel
never having a reason to cry
only the reason of feeling so alone when others have hurt you but baby if you give me just one chance just a moment in time i can be there to give you the reasons to feel and the reasons to cry....

the tears i want you to cry will be tears of happiness and joy no more tears of saddness

the feelings i want to give to you will be the feelings of love and joyment as we spend our lives

i dont want you to hurt and i dont want your heart to be breaking anymore because it pains me to see you like this baby i love you and i want to be with you i cant express myself because i never have before always locked up in my own world locked down to the floor where everyone can walk all over me use me and abuse me when-ever they want and feel like it......

but baby if you can give me a chance just this moment in time i promise to you i can change all of that i can show you the real me show you how i can truely be and that i can truely feel i dont want to be alone anymore i dont want to cry anymore i dont want to feel the pain of lonielness anymore......

i'd give my life for you
i'd give my soul for you
i'd give my heart for you to be by yourside and hold you when your hurt to chase away your fears and to love you when you need me to

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