The colour of a lie

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Who would assign a colour to a lie???
who would think that by declaring their lie to be of a certain colour being that of a white colour
makes it OK to declare it as if true
............I guess the colour of a lie is relevant only to a pretender....and is completely irrelevant to the one the lie hurts

Submitted: October 07, 2013

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Submitted: October 07, 2013



Born of you

to become strong

to become everything you are not


your mistakes you could evolve from

your choice is to hide from

denial alienation not just from one

from whole family

your subconsious mistake

now a life sentence

victim denied healing

denied family


a familiar feeling

a lesson learnt before age allowing memory

a lesson demonstrated again at important times


thrown out of family party to hit wall age 5

scapegoat tagged & the decree of the white lie


white lies are the lies decreed as necessary

by you

to say in a hushed voice

to the hospital

to the school

to say behind my back

to the family all my life

even 38 years later

decreed by you as necessary

as you said you couldn't possibly tell my child

a child of modern generation

…...........the truth


frozen to watch you disgust your self in front of me

daylight I in front of you to the side just a foot

my age start of puberty

affect so strong

blocked from concious memory

thirty eight years later

hold on rewind,,,,,

..what is this a memory of

its a memory of sexual abuse


So now the content of the white lie is no longer hidden

although as you say 'you honelsy can't remember what'  you 'said to the school'

well I do believe mrs honestly

that you said it was my fault

age 5


& what can't be placed as of my fault

you force containment in the part you label my deluded imaginary mind

storage for your sins not mine


almost half of my life


half my life


are you surprised your containement vessel has exploded

are you shocked that it is loud

anguished relaisation that even my willingness to forgive

falls short

of the dercree of the white lie

to which you command accordance with or fate be

in your own words

'alientaton from entire family'


What a strange thing it is that sticks in my mind

is the colour that you assign to a lie

I have never seen a lie that is white

nor black or even blue

the only lie I see is from your lips

the colour of which

must be of some bizarre relevance

to someone delueded enough to actually consider that

coating it in a white colour

gets her off the hook


The conclusion is

The colour of a lie matters only to pretenders

not of any relevance to the one the lie hurts


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