I see your face appearing...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
When Fiona and Beth meet anew, Beth sees why she was left behind, and what to do to fix it.

Submitted: January 11, 2008

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Submitted: January 11, 2008



You look at me as though you couldn’t bear to lose me…  The idea passes through your mind the instant you see her again, Fiona, your ex, your old flame. She’d spoken the words once before. Now no matter where I am, No matter what I do, I see your face appearing… You brush your blonde hair from brown eyes hurriedly, your hazel brown eyes searching her own darker brown eyes for a sign of some sort.

“Fiona?” Your voice trembles as she approaches, betraying you.  She stops then, her dark brown eyes flickering with untold emotion, untold pain. Your breath catches as she brushes her brown hair, falling in it’s usual curls, from her face, slim hand seeming scarred a little. She’s standing in semi-sunlight, the bright sun illuminating her beautiful lightly tanned skin, those flawless curls of rich chocolaty hair and those deep, soulful eyes. She wears a necklace of golden circles, her dress a rich golden colour. You hesitate a moment longer, then as she makes to turn you catch her arm softly. “Who did this to you?”

“I… Beth, don’t ask me that.” Her beautiful voice is just as softly musical as always, pain making it deepen a little. “Please… she’d kill me.”

“Who Fiona?” You push again, softly angry. “Is it Francesca?” She shakes her head and you guess again. “Leanna?”

She looks down and away, biting her lip and you give a low growl, pulling Fiona closer and forcing her to let you see her wrist, the bruises there tell of what’s been going on. She’s been hurt. Badly. You look up at Fiona’s whimper and block Leanna’s path. “Just what the hell have you done to her?” Your voice, normally soft is harsh, angry.

“She’s my slut.” Leanna growled, drawing a terrified sob from Fiona behind you.

“Wrong again.” You reply harshly, sharply. “I love her Leanna, if you think I’m letting her stay with you…”

“She’s my girlfriend.”

“You just called her a slut, you don’t love her.” Fiona’s sobbing openly now, backing away. “Leave her alone, leave us both alone.”

“We’re committed Beth.” Leanna snarls, holding out her ring finger in a semi-rude gesture. You glare at her, then the band then look back at Fiona who holds out shaking hands, she’s not wearing a ring.

“I guess you aren’t, she’s not wearing a ring and I would know if you’d been in a ceremony.” You stand your ground harshly, silently wondering why you care so much, Fiona used you and broke your heart.

Leanna snarls again as she pushes past you, heading toward the sobbing Fiona again, you catch her arm then punch her hard, stalking away to wrap your arm around Fiona, softly pulling her in closer, stunned when she clings to you tightly, her whimpering sobs dying out quickly, her shivers leaving her also. She knows she’s safe with you.

“I’m so sorry I hurt you Beth, I was just… scared.”

“I know sweetheart.” You admit softly, realising now why you care. I never thought I’d know the kind of love you’ve shown me…

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