More Than Words 1: Us Against The World

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When Elizabeth finds a frightened young lady as her co-star, it begins a journey she never expected... Can she really be falling in love?

Submitted: March 02, 2008

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Submitted: March 02, 2008



More Than Words: Book 1.


Us Against The World.

By Elizabeth Fox-Foster.


The woman lay sleeping now, tired by emotion and pain. Her long blonde hair fell loose around her face and she slept on, rolling slightly, the duvet slipping down to reveal the bruised skin on her neck and face, her sleep unmarked.

Elizabeth Drake, a young and feisty blonde with Hazel eyes, stood staring out over the sleeping city. She’d been out all day, and come home with the woman who now slept. She’d never realised she’d ever be the one to save someone as beautiful as Miss Schiffer.


Hours before Elizabeth had been in a rehearsal with Claudia, the woman visably shaken by an encounter early on. The two ran their scene four times in total, each time varying it. The director, a big, brusk man had marched towards them, making Claudia shrink backwards. The man had slapped Claudia before Elizabeth could re-act, moving to get a strangle-hold on the woman.  He’d been shouting in German, a sense of anger radiating off him.


His anger was matched by Elizabeth’s own, she stepped forward and wrenched him away, speaking harshly in fast German, her temper snapping. “You ever hurt her like that again and I swear I will hunt you down and kill you like the pig you are.” She threw his arm away from her, kicking him hard as she turned away, gathering the shivering and sobbing woman closer, smoothing her blonde hair from frightened blue eyes. “Shhh, he’s gone.”


The two had left soon after, Elizabeth taking charge as she took Claudia back to her hotel with her, refusing to let go of her, protective to the last. She only let the woman go to unlock her room, then ushered the shaken beauty inside.


She moved away to fetch towels and start a shower, moving to undress the woman, having heard the story of abuse she hid for years. She soothed the woman as she jerked back, speaking softly. “I know… I won’t hurt you.” She waited then lead the woman to the shower, waiting outside with the towels, only stepping under the shower as the woman began to cry painfully, gathering her close and soothing her softly.

The two stayed under the shower for a long time before Liz lead Claudia back out, dressing her in cotton pyjama’s, adding a warm silken robe over it. She moved away to undress herself, settling on the bed beside the woman, only removing the robe when Claudia appeared ready to sleep, tucking the woman in, softly singing a German lullaby, calming the woman further.

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