I wrote this poem right after my grandfather passed away. To explain the title, he would always call me his "Sugar-Butt."

Love, your Sugar-Butt

As we lay you to rest, I’ll make you a promise
I promise to always remember you.
Remember the fun times we had,
Remember the tricks you used to pull,
Remember you as YOU

Thinking back, I can recollect precious times.
Like having cookouts at the creek
And having me help you feed the horses.
Like telling us “true” ghost stories,
And letting me paint your nails.

I’ll always remember the tricks you had up your sleeve.
Like “blowing” up your muscle
And slowly letting it “deflate” 
Like getting us all with you quarter trick
And telling oodles of jokes

Most importantly, I’ll remember you as you.
As the man who got out and chased his grandchildren,
And not the man who barely scooted his feet when he walked.
As the man who lit up when his family came,
And not as the man who was too sick to smile.

So I will make you this promise,
But understand one thing.
Understand that you hold a special place in my heart,
And I will always be your Sugar-Butt.


Submitted: December 11, 2013

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