Aquinas Scholasticism

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Another essay i did this time for World Civilizations!

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012




Aquinas and the Scholastic Method

The Scholastic Method one of the three methods used in submitting an deepen knowledge on certain typical topics. I am here to prove to you the following question

How does Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiea, particularly in the section "Concerning God, whether God exists," demonstrate the scholastic method for philosophical and theological inquiry? It is my goal to prove that he does use the Scholastic Method in his paper Summa Theologiea.

The method of Scholasticism is very different from the method we use today. There are many steps you need to have in order to full fill the requirements for the scholastic method. As we look on a chart listing the parts, we can see it has at least nine parts. First the individual must question the issue at hand. Meaning that the must find a question about the topic they can prove. The next step is to have at least two or three objections to the question. In other words reason for rejecting the thesis. After that the thesis statement can be written. Or as the teachers call it the main point of the paper. Then 3 arguments in for the thesis that support it. Lastly the reply to the objections that branch of from the objections. This is just a basic picture we see looking at the source.

Now does Aquinas follow these standards. Lets take a close look at his writing "Concerning God, whether God exists," to see if he follows the rules. If you have a copy to look at then that is great now the title in the 3rd part of his Summa Theologiea is the issue at hand, “Whether or not god exist”. That is the first part of the method. Now then lets look in the body for objections. The first one can be found after the title it says “Therefore, if god existed evil would not evil does exist in the world , however. Therefore god does not exist.” this statement clearly rejects the thesis. The second one states “ All natural effects can be traced to natural causes, all contrived effects can be traced to human reason and will. Thus there is no need to suppose god exists.” this also rejects the thesis which in turn is in the scholastic method. The next step is to have a thesis or response. I have found it in the third paragraph of his paper. “ it must be said that god's existence can be proved in five ways.” this is a bold but to the point thesis statement. He has 5 arguments in favor for the thesis. This means he can prove the thesis statement true. You can easily see this cause he says first,second,third,etc. I will quote one so you get what I am saying. “ The first and most obvious way is based on the existence of motion.” he also goes on about; efficient causality,possibility and necessity,gradations found in things,and governance of things. Those are the other 4 key arguments Aquinas uses in proving his thesis statement. Finally the reply to the objection is at the very end of the essay. His responses start with the good old, “to the first argument.” that’s how you can tell he referring back to the first and he does the similar thing to the second. This proves he does use the scholastic method.

Lastly whether or not it provides theological and philosophical inquiry. Theology is the study of religion. The context of Aquinas paper is theological and philosophical they both blend in a very good way to bring this paper to a understanding for those non religious believers and maybe the religious. It deepens the knowledge on the thought that god does exist in everyday life. I think this is a perfect example of having both the theological and philosophical inquiry.

What I have just shown you is that Aquinas does use the Scholastic Method he follows it to the letter. Not only that but he use both theological and philosophical reasoning threw out his paper. This is why he may be one of the best writers of the scholastic era. And the method can be still used to day. To prove other everyday things in life.


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