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An essay i did the starting of my college year!

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



English 111

Ms. Garibaldi


The Fast Food

There are many cause and effects for the fast food industry. We wonder why fast food exists in this unhealthy world. But are many reasons we need it and its food. People see fast food and they think oh no obesity. But others think fast food save them the time and money instead of cooking it all. I will tell you about the cause of the industry and the effects it has on the economy.

The fast food industry has lots of causes and effects. Here are a few of the causes and effects; first are the jobs, and the second is food. Let’s start with jobs, in America we need jobs it’s a way f life. It’s also a way of communication and money earning. Without fast food places for jobs effects would be a lot.  America would be in worse of condition than it already is right now. Not to mention more people would be in poverty without the aid of fast food as a job.  Many people really on fast food jobs every day it’s the only thing keeping the lights on or the water  running in there house.  Now another reason we need fast food is for well food. We all need food in order to survive. A fast food resturant provides a quick meal for your family to eat without worrying about what to fix at home. Without fast food to eat most people would be late for work or a family outing.

That was the good causes and effects of the food industry.  Now for the bad cause and effects of the group. Many people say that working at such a place doesn’t pay well. Well it doesn’t you only get minimum wage her and not all benefits.  Yes this is a problem if you want to buy a car or a new house.  Also if u have debts coming out of your ears. It also gets in the way go the good life sometimes you have to work really late at the restaurants. Now for the food there is lots of people say fast food cause obesity.  They are partly right mostly it’s due to lack of exercise and commitment. If people put the right amount of calories with the right amount of exercise I am sure obesity would not be a problem. Another downer is you may get food poisoning. This is due to lack of hygiene and proper food safety in the restaurant. This is why the United States department of agriculture and the food and drug administration check on them yearly.

Well there you are the good and bad effects of the fast food. It’s up to you what you think. It’s all up to you where or not you go. Its god and bad to all families rich or poor. Even all over the world families think about this.

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