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Another great thing i did in class!

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



English 111

Ms. Garibaldi


My Friends

I have had a few friends threw out life each have there differ category of friendship. Each with there own personality and life style. I am going to tell you about a few of my friends that I have known. My friends come in all shapes, sizes and feelings.  Your friends may have similaries as mine and maybe be entirely different.

First Category is the whimsical and childish in a good way friend. My friends Lacey and Frieda are two that I know fit in the category. Lacey is always s excitable, fun loving, and very unusual. She is always drawing cute, tiny or big chest people or animals or something. If Lacey sees something so cute she scrunches up and says something like “so cute” or “It’s so tiny”. She even makes or trys to make a cute face and talk’s baby talk. Now Frieda is like a big teddy bear. She is always talking and childish. She plays around and makes people laugh. She makes childish remarks like “I don’t want to go” sounding like a giant kid. Which I think adds cuteness to her stature. This is why I think they should be in this category. I might have other friends that fit in this one but let’s not go into details.

The next category of friends is the guy friends. These are my friends who are the masculine part of my life.  The ones in this group are Josh, Josh lee who I call Luigi and Val.  They bring the charm and the bronze and the guy jokes.  All of them are nice boys. There strong and can be sweet sometimes. Most of the time they like to talk and goof off. Since I am a tomboy I seem to get along with them a little bit better. Whenever you need something lifted or need a good laugh they are there for you.

The final category I am going to talk about is other type. This is hard one cause the people in this group act differently sometimes. The people who follow in this group are Magan and Kailegh and maybe others whose name I have not remembered at this time. Magan is a good girl. She is quiet, very concerned Christian, and pure of heart, I think.  She quiet mostly but when around me or others she talks and talks and if someone sys something bad she’s like “please don’t say that”.  She always makes it very polite and to the point.  Sometimes I forget what I say around her some times since I spend most of my time around boys because I have no sisters. Kaileigh is different some times her quiet and sometimes her loud and some times in between.  She a good artist just as lacey but her pictures seem to be more serious and stern. Also stands up for her friends and tries to comfort them.

Well those are my categories so far. I have more friends and maybe more categories. It just goes to show you that friends differ from other friends they may have certain categories with you in one of them as well. I’m sure you have a category for your friends too. So may be making up a few and put your friends in it.

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