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About my friends!

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012





How I met my Friends

I met my friends a year ago in my digital animation class.  First we didn’t talk Magan and I started to talk. Then it branched off to Frieda. It was just us three Megan, me and Frieda.  We each brought an attribute to are little group. I brought the funny and adventurous, Megan brought the brains and concern, and Frieda brought the bronze and the motherliness. Freda is a good person she always looked out for us whenever we were down. She always made childish remarks which were funny.  When she wasn’t around our group felt slow and boring. Later we added 2 more people to the group Val and Happy. We did a lot of stuff together in and outside of school. But here is what I remember the most.

My Friends, each are different in there looks and personality. For starters, Magan she is short, brunette, wears glasses, has a good set of teeth, and skinny. Personality wise she is a Christian, kind, shy, not a risk taker, gentle, and nice. She is also very talented on the computer. Frieda is almost the same size as me a little taller, she has red brown hair, and she has big a body. Her personality is different from Megan’s. She is a good mom to her kids, funny, motherly, kind, out looking, and childish in a good way. Then there is Val his full name is Vladimir. He is from Russia. He’s the only guy in are group. For appearances he is good looking, brown hair, very tall, and skinny. For his personality let’s see, He is funny, kind, a gentleman and very proud of his heritage.  Happy she is a good girl. She is short, big, black hair, has brown eyes and she is Asian.  Her personality wise is excitable, funny, nice, artistic, and good with computers. Now what am I like well I’m short, pudgy, green eyes, dirty blond hair, and crooked teeth.  My personality is, optimistic, funny, shy, quiet, and talkative. That is how we are in life. Now I’ll tell you  some funny and interesting stories that I remember.

One day, Magan, Frieda and I went to the park. We invited one of our newest members of are group Val. Frieda had brought her grandkids  along which was  great for her. It was a hot and  sweaty day.  We got there around maybe 12:00 or 1:00. Val was already there waiting for us. When we got out and realized that her son who was supposed to bring her bike was not there. So we waited and talked. I looked around at the spring time scenery and looked at the other people come and go from the park. Finally he got here and passed out the bikes. I had to ride a small child’s bike. I felt so embarrassed after we started riding. I thought the people were staring at me for the longest time. We road a good bit I felt the wind in my hair, the pain in my legs and the sweat on my back as I rode. We stopped a couple of times to rest and I had to hydrate.Then after a few more miles I called my parents to tell them how I was. They said they were going some where and would leave me if I didn’t come so I had to hurry back to get picked up. So I pedaled as fast  as I  could with my friends who stayed behind  with me .  I thought it would take for ever and I never make it on time but I finally got to where I was going with the help and support of my friends.

Another fun time I remember is when we went bowling. Frieda came and picked me up in her van, it smelt pretty well even thought there was food items there. They decide we would go to Lenoir. It was a long drive but we as we drove we Frieda talked about her past life and her current problems. I just looked out the window mostly watching the buildings and cars pass buy. When we got there we each chipped in three bucks. Then we went to lane 19. Next we chose our bowling balls, both Magan and I got 8-pds. It was heavy enough for me.  And while Val got a 16-pd ball and Frieda a 10-pd ball. We then chose goofy names for the game card. Megan wanted to be called Miss M, Val went with Valley, Frieda went with Fred and I went with Rizu my Japanese nickname. We went in this order; Frieda, Magan, Val, and me. We started bowl, all of us kept getting gutter balls. We laughed and joked about it and tried our best.  A kind man even gave us some tips for our bowling. After the  man said what he did we started to get better. His tips had really helped us out but we still got gutter balls but less often. Then after two hard gutter ball games we left and decide to stop at McDonalds. Frieda had an appointment to go to. So when we got there Val said he did not want any thing. So Magan, Frieda and I got in line. They got there order and I got a Big Mac Combo meal. We sat ,ate and chatted about random things. But we knew we had to hurry, so after about 30 minutes we got up and left. Megan took me home and I told my parents about the fun day.

Those are the two things I remember the most. We did other small things but those are the ones I remember. It goes to show you how you can make even a few friends and still have fun and go far. I have learned a lot and I am glad I have them as my friends. I don’t know what I would do without them. I guess I’d be bored.

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