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Something i did for a class i probably did the assignment wrong but i did my best!

Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013



Fredrich Nietzsche

In Nietzsche time he critiqued the modern world on its ways of describing what is good and what is evil, and what is good and what is bad. It seems that if he were alive today he would say that we have hardly changed to become a better world than what it was back when he was alive. Because people still criticize others on many different levels if there rich or poor. Handsome or not people always are prejudice. I am here to explain how Nietzsche explains the development of Western morality and overall criticism of late nineteenth-century society.  I also am arguing that people today still use the things he criticized the most.

In “Good and Evil, Good and Bad” he states and he quotes, “Everywhere "noble," "aristocratic" in the social sense, is the basic concept from which "good" in the sense of "with aristocratic soul," "noble," "with a soul of a high order," "with a privileged soul.”(4.1) throughout history and folk lore this was the definition of good until are modern time when it was interpreted a bit better. Like knights where thought to be all noble and good, but some of them where not they were greedy and loved to fight.  But it still may be interpreted as this in are time as well like in poor countries. They may think that because another country is rich and wealth that they might share their profits and help them. It may be true for some countries but others could care less. Sometimes it the poor people that make a difference and the rich to make the bad decisions. Just because they are rick doesn’t mean they did good things and god bless them they could have done terrible things instead. Same goes for the poor the peasant.

Also look you see that he also talks about the other side and quotes “runs parallel with that other in which "common," "plebeian," "low" is finally transformed into the concept "bad."(4.1) In meaning that these people back in the late 19th century saw this as portraying bad people maybe evil people because they were not blessed with riches and power. This is also somewhat wrong in life as well today. For example, some homeless people aren’t homeless because they were bad or they did drugs. They could have given up all their money to help someone else or they could have been wronged or even they could decide that it was a life to live free from worldly stuff. Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you have for the better of others, and that l seems pretty god and noble to me. Some people say money is the root of all evil and sometimes it can help those who are in need more than it will help you.

How does this relate to his overall criticism of late nineteenth-century society? He rants about slavery and the way people are treated because of the way the others interpret the words of good and evil or good and bad. He quotes, “These "instruments of culture" are a disgrace to man and rather an accusation and counter-argument against "culture" in general!” (11.5). It seem to me that he is saying that culture should be more about seeing things as they are, not seeing things how they are interpreted by what people say is right. Not all rich men are good some lust for power, some poor people are not bad one could have gave their money to help someone they love. One who is good a pure could be a common peasant while a knight could be as evil as the devil. Everything should be examined more closely before any assumptions are made. We should not make excuse because one is rich or one is poor that they are one way or another we should embrace all options of the scenario. It is a disgrace that we see this still in today’s culture. Innocents are being convicted while the evil roam free causing more chaos all because we say that person a bum he killed that person or did drugs or that person is rich he would never do that. Well that is wrong we should learn and understand just because one seems good doesn’t mean they are good.

I have now informed you to my best ability the development of Western morality and overall criticism of late nineteenth-century society. “All this came together, in the minds of those who suffered from it, in the image of the barbarian the evil enemy” (11.3). Meaning that people everywhere use these ideas of good an evil as a system another way to coupe with what are reality and/or those who do not wish things to change. I have used some of his quotes and interpreted them and used examples of my own knowledge in today’s time. I honestly hope one day man can see that what things appear to be is not what they seem. I hope you also take a second look at people before you use the terms good or bad or good or evil.


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