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a thing i did in class about public speaking the company i made up and i think idk

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



24 Riverview Drive
Boston, MA 02134
(713) 224-5579
November 1, 2010
Animation Nation Inc
76th Grape Street
Boston, MA 02134
ATTENTION: Ms. Jane Doe, CEO of Animation Nation Inc.
Public Speaking Classes
Introductory Summary:
Everyone knows sooner or later they will have to speak in public. Most of the time there not prepared to give a big presentation or are too scared to speak to a crowd. That’s why I think if we offer public speaking classes to be in the work place. It will help the employees when they need to present their work. It will also help them in other jobs and positions they may get in the future. I think if we have classes it will help them come over the speaking anxiety. I have provided the research to help with my idea of a public speaking class in this facility.
I have done some research on the topic at hand. I think you will find it interesting. According to “Don’t Shy Away from Public Speaking Class,” the delivery is 10 percent of public speaking and 90 percent is for preparation. The article also states when you take a public speaking class you will learn valuable skills. For example, you can learn to choose a theme, narrowing down your topic, choosing what information is important and what is not, and organizing your thoughts. These are all useful skills that will help anyone in the working community. The same article also states that there are a few more important skills you can learn. For instance, you can learn ways to use language that will make your words memorable and how to listen critically. These are also important even to an employer. These skills almost anyone can learn.
You can also have fun according to this very same article again. It states when you to take a public speaking class you will have a chance to reveal a part about yourself that usually does not shine at school. Plus some of the assignments you get maybe fun to do. When you do this it says your self- confidence and self- esteem will grow (Geshelin, 2004).
Another article I have found called “PUBLIC SPEAKING The Secret Weapon in Career Development.” She states in her article that you need to dare to be different the first point that transforms an ordinary speaker into a beacon which is a new perspective on major problems. The author also goes on to state that the content needs to delivered in a daring way, even though most people are usually afraid. I am sure here advice will help this company (Sullivan, 2005).
Based on the research above you might already know what I am about to recommend. I want you to think about it and make the right choice that you see suitable. But here is what recommends that you do about the public speaking problem.
Have a public speaking class
Encourage people and build their confidences if they have a presentation
Allow time to get ready for presentation.
I want to thank you for your time and I hope you agree to what I show you please consider the options given. I will include the sources in an attachment. If you have want the actually copy of the references I have copies I will give you just call my number at the top of the page. Thanks you again for your time.
Animation Nation Co- Worker

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