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Essay i did in class for American literature

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



After reviewing the texts numerous of times I have concluded that these essays have something in common and I almost over looked it. They all have something to do with Native American culture. Not only that but it’s mainly about a change of discovery. In this essay I will show you how the discovery and information they learned about the native people.

Before the 1700 the English immigrants hardly had any writings about the new world but only could believe what someone and said the story of the new world and its natives. The explorers helped the immigrants by keeping a journal or writing a letter about the natives and the culture that was there. Plus the numerous discovery of new land and places. During the time of the voyage of the new world there were numerous reports sent to Europe. These reports told of what they discovered in America. They even brought back specimens and some of the natives like Diego Colon as proof of their exploration.

From reading the creation story you get an Idea of how the Indians thought the world was created. They seem to know that there was some greater being that created the earth as it is today. They did know who it was but they did have an imagination. The story also goes in to detail about how they think the world was created. You also seem to get the feel that the Indians where about family. Like when the sky woman fall and gives birth that shows us how the Indians thought the earth was also born from a mother. Even when the good being created man and gave them the breath of life to me it symbolizes the creation of man. If the explorers had not discovered America we would not know about the Native Americans and their ideas of creation.

This is the first time I have heard of the word orature. When I read the essay in orature I didn't know it existed.  Orature is like literature but with speaking and talking instead of writing. I never realized the Indians never had any written literature. I thought they would have at least put it down on deer skin. But thanks to the discovery of the Indians and their cultures we now have a new type of literature and that is orature. Who knows what other stories are kept from us for all these years.But thanks to the invention of the printing press the immigrants can now print these stories for the other settlers to read and learn about the culture of the natives. This is mainly thanks to Luis De Santangel for narrating the voyage and the spring that Columbus had found in autumn. Without him immigrants would not have been intrigued to sail over the ocean to the new world. 

Christopher Columbus was the man who discovered the West Indies. Not only did he discover the new world but a new people, the natives of America. Some people may think of him as a hero, and some may think he was just traveling for the fame and glory. He was expecting lavish cities andlarge markets so that he could trade. When he arrived in the new world he was surprised about how the natives lived in small groups; they did not even speak to him they ran in fear. The next time he found more small places even got information about the island. He even captures some of the natives to take back as maybe so they can serve to nobles. He does describe an island where the Indians live as beautiful of a thousand shapes, how some trees did not lose their foliage and how there are some mountains that looked lofty. Even though he does not go into great detail about the Indians, I am sure he has had his men deal with the natives.  Christopher Columbus discovered these amazing people. First to encounter there way of life and culture.

The one person who goes in to details of the Native Americans is Thomas Harriot.  He lived among them learning all about the natives. He discovered new ways of living and understanding life without the proper tools and customs of European lifestyle.  He learned how they ate hardly anything at all just some fruits, raw meat, and clams, how they worshiped there gods and how there gods where human like, there living styles how they lived small groups, what they wore which was basically nothing, how they traveled and hunted during certain times of the seasons. He truly got to live among the Native Americans.

So how do these all connect to each other you ask?  If Christopher Columbus had never found the West Indies and reported what he found about the new world and its natives, then Tom Harriot would have never gone there and discovered the culture of the Natives Americans and would have not have experienced the life with the Indians. Then when the printing press was invented the translators would have not discovered the Indians used Orature. Intern they would have not been able to wright down the Iroquois Creation story. So I guess we should give thanks to the explorers who first came here and helped get started understanding are native friends.

Finally the explorers had discovered the many tribes, languages, lands, stories and culture from the Native Americans of the new world. It thanks to them that there is a more understanding of the Indians and of the land as we know it today.

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