Soda Pop Essay

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Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



Ms. Lonon

English 090

November, 3, 2009

Comparing the Drinks

Are Pepsi and Coca Cola the same? Wrong, Pepsi and Coke have their similarities and their differences. That’s why my compare and contrast are very popular sodas. Pepsi or Coke you decide! You will choose whether you like one over the other. Or do you like them both the same. 

What makes them similar? For starters, both Pepsi and Coke are name brand sodas.  They have products in both cans and bottles. The colors of the soda are the same. They produce other kind’s flavors and other kinds of drinks. They both have very recognizable designs.  They both are having other merchandise besides drinks.  Also they are very popular among the public. And they are very bitter rivals to each other. They also have very good commercials.

Now will get to their contrast. First we’ll start with Pepsi. Pepsi is a product that has a logo that is hard to forget. My opinion is that it looks like volleyball with the American colors inside it. To me it shows that it is an American product. I also like how they update their logos and designs. Now the taste is a different story.  The commercials say that it has a crisp taste. My opinion in its taste is average; there is lack of flavor in it. It tastes like some one watered it down. I can drink it but I don’t want to. But there are some Pepsi products that kick butt. Like for example, Wild Cherry Pepsi!To me it brings that average flavor and enhances it five times fold. But there is other beside the Wild Cherry flavor. Like Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew. They both boost the Pepsi Company’s rating in my opinion. Now don’t get mad because I don’t like Pepsi that much. It’s just my opinion; you don’t have to agree on what i agree on. You can have your own opinions.

Next is Coca Cola! My dad used to tell me that Coke’s original color was green. And I think I read in a magazine or heard some where that they use to put cocaine in Coke. I think that’s where they got the name Coca Cola. Don’t worry they don’t put that’s stuff in Coke anymore. Now the taste of Coke in my opinion is better than Pepsi. It has a yummy crisp and caramel taste. Sometime to me it tastes like chocolate. Now the Cherry Coke makes it even better. The yummy Cherry flavoring boosts it up ten times fold. There are other yummy products by Coke as well. Like for example, Sprite and Cheerwine I think are other Coke products. They both help Cokes rating which is my opinion.  The logo is simple I think they can do better. The colors are simple as well. Their logo I think has the words Coke and a bottle with Coke coming out of it. And they hardly change the designs on the bottles and cans. Pepsi has them beat here. They should really update their style.  Now this is also my opinion.

So don’t go barking around like I’m saying one is better than the other.  What you’ve just read is my opinion from past experiences. I have just compared and contrasted both soda brands. And to me Coke is better than Pepsi in taste. Pepsi is very presentable to the eyes than Coke. This is my conclusion. So before you agree or disagree with me, you should grab both a Pepsi and Coke and test them out. Thank you for hearing my opinion.

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