Cupid's Last Stand

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Cupid's rival decides she wants a challenge.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013




On the morning of February 14th, the ever-excited cupid got up to begin his day. His calendar was positively overflowing with all of the hearts he’d drawn around the little square marking today’s special date. He ate his breakfast, and he bathed, and he gussied himself up. Then he went on to the most important and his absolute favorite part of this morning’s routine: getting his materials ready.

On the hill opposite of his home, however, someone else was going to be preparing for this day just as much. The little mistress, upon waking, glared at her calendar and tore it off the wall in disgust, not needing a reminder of today. But oh, this wouldn’t be just any normal, vomit-inducing valentines day to suffer through. No, the little mistress had better plans this year. Bigger plans. She ate her breakfast as she gathered her things, eager to begin preparations.

Cupid hummed happily as he finished applying the last of the serum to his arrows. The little mistress grinned as she did the same for her own.

Finally, little cupid stepped outside with all of his tools, fluttering his wings before flying up into the sky, ready to spread the love of the holiday.

But the little mistress was ready to start too. On her chariot led by her horrible creatures she set out, taking to the skies, black storm clouds trailing behind her as her wicked intentions seeped into the atmosphere.

Cupid was startled by the change in weather; it was supposed to be lovely all day today! He soon realized though what was going on as he spotted the mistress fast approaching, black gown billowing around her.

He was frightened, realizing how serious her hatred was this time. But no, he couldn’t fret. He had to fight her off, for the sake of love! For Valentine’s Day!

Chubby arms shaking slightly he reached to his quiver and pulled out his best arrow. Moving it into position, his expression hardened. He’d never been able to hit her before, but he knew he could do it this time. There was no way his arrow could fail him in such a time of need! He pulled back the string to his bow and--


...the arrow whizzed right past her shoulder. He had missed.

Cupid had missed his one and only shot, because the little mistress now had him surrounded by her creatures. Cupid had missed, but she would not.

Grinning, she lifted her spear.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” she sang, letting it fly from her hand.


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