Dirty Dark Dreams

Miscellaneous by: ElizaCoward


The want in us all


Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013




Dirty streets, dark alleys, shady strangers

A place where broken people struggle to drown pain and suffering through sex, drugs, violence, and any other depraved form of escapism they can come up with

But even if it’s a way to escape the pain, they all come to enjoy it in some small way

The filth of their selves, their lives

Some part of them actually enjoys living in blatant contradiction of everything that’s supposed to be ‘right’ and ‘good’

Because, isn’t dirty, disgusting sex just so good?

Don’t the mind numbing drugs feel fucking amazing?

And everyone loves to hear the smack of a solid punch connecting to a jaw bone,

and to see the blood splatter on the already stained concrete

At least, these people do

I’m sure these are things you’ve heard of, but of course never seen yourself

Never experienced

But haven’t you been curious?

Hasn’t some part of you, even for just a minute, suddenly wanted to step into that sort of realm?

The disgusting underworld, seemingly a separate existence from everyday life

Haven’t you ever had at least the tiniest itch for something new, something dark and depraved?

Something inside you knows that people do ‘bad things’ because somehow they just feel so good

And something inside you wants to know that rush

You want to let it all go, let loose, and fall into that wonderful chaotic bliss

But be careful

You better be careful

Because it’s a one way trip

When you commit to this life, there’s no going back

And even if you escape this world,

even if you fight tooth and nail and crawl your way back to peaceful society,

it won’t ever be the same

YOU’LL never be the same

The normal, average life you always knew before will be unbearably foreign,

almost abusive to the senses

Even if you crawl out of hell

It will always live inside of you


© Copyright 2016 ElizaCoward. All rights reserved.

Dirty Dark Dreams Dirty Dark Dreams

Status: Finished

Genre: Editorial and Opinion



Status: Finished

Genre: Editorial and Opinion



The want in us all
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