angel so lovely

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a girl who believes that she isnt worth it anymore.finally sees that someone loves her. for God has sent an angel for her to see that she is truely loved

Submitted: March 19, 2011

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Submitted: March 19, 2011



From heaven above

He sees her; watching her. and looks down on her.

He sends down the brightest and most beautiful of them all down to Earth, to save her from everything that is hers.

She closes her eyes waiting for the end to come. yet it shall never come.

The angel comes to her. " oh lovely girl. for dont you see you have the world in your hands. and yet you throw your life away?"

"dear angel you've watched me from heaven above. you see how my world is. so cold and filled with hatered. and yet you are here trying to save someone how does not wish to be save?"

the angel looks and believes that this is not true.

" my lovely girl for you have lied to yourself many times before, trying to believe something that is not true. for you do not see the world though my eyes. i only see a girl who has lied to herself so many times trying to believe something that is not true."

she thinks and she believes him.

"you've watched me my whole life, heard my thoughts, and saw how i truely am and yet you are still here? i am a bad person for i am not worth any of you time angel"

He looks down from above and already knows how the story ends. For He can tell the future and see the past.

" my sweet girl." say the beautiful angel.

" I've known you your whole life and i have grown to love what is inside of you. I see that you lie to yourself. and that you have said things that you maybe not be proud about but i know that what you say is not true."

"Angel oh so lovely. for i have told you that i am not you believe me to be. I am not for you explain me to be. I am not worth your time. I have lost all hope in the world and to myself. for i know my end is coming soon. God has a plan for me and i know this is not it. so forgive me angel"

" Young girl. for i do not even know the Lord's true plans. and i know what you say is not true. I love you with everything that is in my heart. I wish for you not to end your life."

she knows that this is true. she also knows that she loves him as well. for the angel has loved her for her whole life. knowing what she really is.

For she now knows she loves him as well.

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