Chop Shop Prophet

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The reality we face everyday is what weakens humanity one day we will have withered us to pure evil.

Submitted: September 03, 2013

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Submitted: September 03, 2013



Channel surfing for hours, but the person staring at the vague t.v screen doesn't really care about the story of some school girl missing with blue eyes blond hair and last reported with a pink backpack. A Flat warm beer in one hand a dead cigarette in the other, only the ashes exist now, He sits and waits for his day to begin. 4:30 a.m. He finally shows A sign of humanity with A deep breath drowned out by almost silent curse words. He thinks about how wistful his day will be and the rest of his hapless days and as A result he drags himself to work.


He opens the garage, A lady sitting on car battery case with a magazine in her hand takes a quick glance to see who had came in this quagmire of a place. But she’s not threatened or acknowledging the stranger who just walked in the garage we call work. Her eyes are A crusty black from yesterdays eyeliner her wrist’s are a sore pink from duct tape marks. And the man wonders why She’s still here? you think she would grab some adversary and leave this place of anarchy. Why wouldn't you want to supplant your old ways. And you think  he should feel shrewd about  the treatment and pain this women has been through or has he become another miserly money whore who would kill someones family and their dog just for a buck. Just like the people this man takes from.



Reality Hits! he goes to his work station to find what they brought to him this time. But first he Goes to the bathroom to fix his thoughts. As he lights a smoke he stares at the walls, He tries to decipher what the scribbles say but theres nothing really said to important on a bathroom walls the man is already bored and now hes ready to work.

As he’s waiting for his group to bring back the latest stolen car he looks at a flipped CD and gets lost in his head he see’s himself like he would in a mirror he doesn't like what he see’s the mixed patterns from the CD make him look like Some kind of monster. And he realizes that's just what he’s become but before he can feel anything that could change his ways Reality hits!


The team comes in with a red, old, beat up 88 Cadillac. he Thought to himself awesome with a taste of sarcasm. The man carelessly opens the hood and finds everything in place, then checks the interior everythings fine with the exception of some  cigarette burns on the leather seats leaving a black hole of a memory that some unlucky fellow has. Then me and the team goes to check the trunk.

And there she was. Blond hair, Blue Eyes, Pink Backpack, Rope burns, A knife wound under her left rib cage, A bump on her arm from a broken bone, and crusty blood and infected cuts spread across her body. The sight was nothing for the man, he didn't feel anything no fear no pain just impunity and selflessness.


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Chop Shop Prophet

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