Sinner's Visit From Death

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This Poem was writen in my 7th grade English class, 5/14/2012.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



Whence the reek, The sombre clouds?

Those of billoes gargantuan;

Of storms immense, Blushing black,

Wishing sought of me to assess?


And have I passed? I have? Hence I hea a knock on oak;

Unwelcomed, Dullened doak flowing dourly it was a bitter breeze.


"Have you mulled my sins?"

I ask.

Have you seen my inpotence though observe destruction at my hands?

Forgive me, I am but man.


And are not sinners forgiven?

I excuse, hence forgiveness avoids me of hell?

Must my demons of sin revisit eternally and reflect back on me to suffer well.


The synergy of vengeance and wrath?

Are you not now piying of my terror?

See my withering, regertful flesh- feel you not my tardy repentence?


But death just focused his stare, that which pierced my pulseless heart,

For i was empty of remorse in all my years.

He knew thatm he led me away.

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