The Hunger Games - my cast

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who i think should play the parts in the hunger games movie

ok so i know everyone is talking about the new hunger games book (the mocking jay) and the hunger games movie coming out. im exited to. i would like to publish who i think should play the parts in the movies some are just rough thoughs ok so here goes


katniss is ment to be 16, she is ment to be fast and strong but quite pettit, her hair is ment to be dark and her eyes are a dark brown to like most of the seam people. i think that emma roberts could maybe play katniss because she has dark ahir brown eyes and is quite pettit and is still quite younge looking, also hannah marks is a good choice for katniss for the same reasons as emma, malese jow could also play katniss although she may be to obviously pretty for the part.


i see peeta mellark with wavey blonde hair and is quite large in size and is muscular he should ahve a bit stocky to. i think  alex pettyfer would be good although he might be a little bit to old for this part


now gale is only ment to be 18 and is ment to look slightly like katniss's brother he should look like a man already though and should be extremely good looking, he should also be very strong i think Alex Meraz who plays paul in new moon would be an awesome gale


prim is ment to be blonde and is ment to be very very small in stature and size she is ment to ahve beautiful blue eyes. best person for this is elle fanning although she may look a little bit to young but this can be changed with makeup


effie should be played by kristin chenoweth simply because she is beautiful and is simple or she chould be played by katy perry is katy can act.


i think rue is way to ahrd to place she is ment to be dark but i dont see her as african american or anything like that i see her skin as a smooth dark tanned colour i cant place who should play her

please let me know what you think about my casting

Submitted: May 24, 2010

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I think the casting for Rue could be Willow Smith
I believe you did a good job with the casting for everyone except Gale

Wed, June 1st, 2011 7:54pm

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