An Echo of Death

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A piece I wrote for school, but slightly changed. She is confronted by a creature, with a twist. Flames, and death echoes

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012




I was reading a book when I looked up. There in the window I saw a creature the defies any natural being. His moon-white skin was stretched over little lumps that might have been features at some point, but have now been over grown. His head was snapped sideways at such an angle it must be broken and his back was in half, then twisted almost all the way around. Not just two, but three legs stuck out and bent backwards at awkward angles. It lurched back and forth with every rattling breath. It's amber eyes shot straight through my soul and struck me with a feeling of paralyzation. I was stuck, frozen in place by it. I blinked and two more limbs had appeared, two arms that stretched above the rest of him, and then shot downward. I tried to scream, but even my voice was in paralysis.

His fingers scrabbled on the window ledge, and gradually each finger latched on, clicking with effort. The window flies up and shatters into thousands of tiny knives. They fly at me and burn my skin like poison, and as much as I want to scream and run, I'm stuck. You never realize what fear really is like until you're about to die. It crawls in your stomache, and latches on, it's the worst torture I've ever known. You just can't explain it until you've felt it. It hurts and burns inside of you, like hot knives carving out your soul. I can feel my stomache clenching up as it flops through the window. It surges forward randomly, with sudden bursts of blurring speed.

I want to live, NEED to live. How? I need to survive. Survive. I need to stay calm and play to my stregths. The first bit was not going to happen, since I was already in a death panic. I think about what I might know about him, and remember an old legend about our town. He was a human who's face was badly burned in his life, and he was so pained by it he went mad. He would kill people and store their faces in his personal museum, and not to mention feed on their bodies. After his death he was thought to come back from all of the living creatures he ate, and their abilities gave him special powers. He now lurks in the woods and tries to find a face to fill his hollow one. Mine was next.

He must have a weakness, but what is it? Think. If it bleeds you can kill it, but does he bleed? My thoughts are so tangled, but I realize it's too late. He's creeping up to me on my bed and I'm still frozen. A sudden rush goes through my veins and my hold is released. Without thinking I flip over and off my bed, which knocks over my burning candle lamp. The floor immediatelly catches in  a hot blaze. The flames soar up and fill my room with thick smoke. I dive to the corner as I hear his sreeches of agony. The siren like call burns my ears and I know I must move. I stand and cover my mouth as I cough out black charcoal. Each cough racks my throat painfully. I try to seek out a path, but all I can find is a maze of flames that continue to reach higher and higher.

I hear a crack and look behind me. There is my shadow dancing around as if it is mocking me, then it runs off. I'm thrown off balance and I fall onto my back and curl into a tight ball. My whole body is covered with black grime and the heats is so intense my skins is peeling off. The pain is so intense, and I want to run, but I can't. I look around one final time and he is nowhere to be seen. No. I can't see. Everything has gone a blinding shade of black. There in the center is white dot, and it's gradually growing. My eyes open to a page of words. I'm reading a book when I look up. There in the window I see myself.

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