Life is funny thing!

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Our life can be funny or sad but any way it is very interesting thing!

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



Chapter 1
I was woken up on Saturday morning by a phone call.
- That is what is called a bad luck! And how to deal with it?
I took the phone and thought: " Oh, my Got! Please , let it be not from work! How I hate this situation,
when they all week fritters away their time and on Saturday they all rushed to fulfill all work for the last week as they got diarrhea ... " .
Then I was listening to , saying "Yes, yes, ok", having made a deep breath and slowly went to bathroom.
- Damn it! Today I shan't be able to take my child to the park again!
I washed my face. The water was very cold. Ugh! Well, sleepiness disappeared in the moment.
- How are all sick of it! No weekends or holidays. I 'll give up this work and let it all fire .
Breathing fresh morning air deeply through opened window I realise at last.
- Oh, to sit well, but it is necessary to gather.
I was drinking a cup of tea when a car at the gate calls me by signal. On the way to the car I was cheving the sandwich.
The driver smiles guiltily. I smile back, he is actually in the same situation as me ie "bird is in servitude".
- Hello. Who am I now wanted for?
- Good morning. You are called the central office .
We were driving in silence. What could I say. We thought of the same, "What the hell, they feel an urge doing again?"
There was no one in the office as expected. Normal people have a rest. It is only our boss all the week
thought and thought and at the weekend in his bright minds ideas begin to come (in his view genius of course)
so I have to realise them, I mean the ideas.
Because of it I have to work on the limit at the weekend , in order to bring their ideas to life.
I go straight to the boss. On my face is strained smile.
- Good morning - I say - Day, is clear today.
- Yeah yeah. - Agrees boss and nodded me what means "sit down '.
I sit down. All in anticipation. He tapped his fingers on the table, and slowly, drawing out the words, says
- We decided to participate in the tender. On this occasion,
you will have a lot of work ie all tender documents to be translated into English.
- How much pages are there?
- Look yourself. I think 300 will be pages. Besides a deadline. The translation should be available by the end of the month.
- Hey, this is just two weeks. Before-why not say that?
In response to a significant silence. Not your business , the silence means, when you will be told .
I took a deep breath. Again,in the night I shan't be sleepping. Having a hope at least to part the work with colleagues, speak to the chief about it
- Could you devide the work-at least for a few translators.
- I would be happy. Just, you know, we have tested our interpreters. You know. Young, inexperienced ...
the translation can be done only by you , so get down to work. Documents in your e-mail box
- Okay - I mumble in reply - Can I go?
- Yes, go ahead. - He says, and takes up a telephone receiver indicating that the conversation was over.
I understoond that I had a little time . I am flying into my room, copying the files to the flash drive and calmly going to drive home.
But my inimitable boss , probably decided to controll my work, so he has phoned me and asked :
- Are you at the ofice?
- Of'course- answer I and think :" it's a very strange , he phones me on my office phone and ask if i am at office?! Who is answering if I were not in?"
-Well- with perfect calm continues my boss- Come to me I need to send some document by e-mail but forgot how to do it.
By the way my boss isn't stupid man. Not of'couse . He is very clever and high educated but he is a man of the old school.
He is former colonel and he is "on formal terms with all office equipment " . You see old soldier couldn't show that he doesn't know anything so he told that he forgot.
Well, it is not difficult for me to help him. I go back to his cabinet to show him what he must do.
- Oh, yes. I have remembered! - exclaimed he.- Thanks
When I was going to the door he applied to me again
- Helen, do you have flash card with you?
-No , it's in my room - I answered- Why?
- Please go , take your flash card , then come here.There is some letters on my computer which you must translate as soon as possible. It's urgent!
- All right!- I said and went to my room.
Then I came to my working place , got into boss's computer from my computer , copied needed letters, made translations and in twenty minutes back them to his computer .
I saved done letters on his working table and started another work.
After one hour my boss phones me again. His voice sounded angry.
- I told you come at once , where were you all this time/ I told it was urgent!
- Everithing is ready- answered i having thought that I had forgotten to notify him.
- What? - his voice was so much surprised.
- Have you done , i said you?- asked he again
- Yes - said I - it is on your computer. - then I realised that he is far from computer abilities and decided to go to his room and show him where the letters were.
I came to his room ,showed him documents which were really ready.
If you could see his face at that moment. Oh my dear boss! On his face was astonishment,confusion and some other feeling at the same time .
He even couldn't to hide them .
I understood everything. And in order to clear up this situation to him ,started to explain all algoritm of my activity , such as i came into his computer .....
It was very interesting to observe how step by step all the chain of my activity was being realized in his mind.It was just written on his face!
- Oh, well- at last he told - thanks. You can go home today.
I don't know why he has decided to let me go home so unexpectedly. I didn't want to clear up that .I just though :
- Why sit alone, like a fool, in a stuffy office, if I could work at home.
The driver was waiting for me at the front door. I'm flying out of the office with a happy smile.
- To my home , please.
- What, you have already been released, have you ?
- I let go of myself. Documents are taken. I do it at home in the evening .
- And if you will be called again?
- Oh, no! Do not let me spoil the day off ... - I say and defiantly disable mobile phone.
- That's it. I'm out of range. Only you, please do not let it slip that I disconnected the phone. Okay?
The driver nodded and pressed the gas.

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