Break Up (True Story)

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About a girl who's boyfriend is breaking up with her and she sorts through her emotions to find she has sunk into depression

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011




This is a short story that I wrote after I broke up with a boyfriend who I thought I loved. I wrote it during my depression and I have packed immense amounts of my emotion into it so it is something I will never forget.

Hope you guys enjoy it :)


p.s: There are a couple of things in this story I mention which mostly only spiritual people will understand. 

“Hey Dawn,” Daniel called my name ever so sweetly that it made my heart boil. Sometimes I wondered whether he noticed my susceptibility to his words, let alone his presence.

“Hey,” I replied, stunned for no significant reason.

“Um, can I talk to you please?” The look on his face was bewildering and it was hard to find the right words to answer him.

“Y-y-yeah… sure. What’s up?” He took me over to a mini tree beside the school library. My best friend Jada stood over with a group of mates talking, only vaguely aware of our conversation. She looked merely interested in what Daniel was trying to tell me, but it was pretty obvious by her quick smirk at us that she knew exactly what he was going to say. She wasn’t told nor did she ask beforehand. She just knew.

“OK, this is going to be… the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do… “

In the tiny, confident part of my mind, something shouted, Bullshit, coz if you were breaking up with me you wouldn’t really care how I felt after this. But in most of my mind, it shouted, Get ready for the ride of your life, you’ll need a whole lot of resilience for this one.

“I think we should ju… ” just be friends. I had heard this one so many times it wasn’t even funny. Why can’t guys just come up with something that truly means something and not sound like a load of crap? My confident mind started over-reacting again and each time felt a tiny bit stronger but at the same time it also felt a bit more distant from me. It took me a while to realize exactly what he was doing and I let his ‘cold words’ dig deep into my mind and bury themselves.

My dark green eyes bored into his gorgeous bluish-greenish eyes which were completely full of apathy. He read the agony that played on my face but I felt even worse knowing that he couldn’t feel it ripping right through me like a knife. I felt detached and obscure and every second that went by, the depression sunk further and further until I was positive that it was stuck with me. It was almost fathomless.

Why couldn’t he feel it anymore? Why couldn’t I feel him? Why couldn’t I find him spiritually anymore?… The heart-to-heart cord… I realized.

I let out a little squeak of pain and closed my eyes. It was almost impossible for me to speak. I had just realized that our connection had been broken… he had broken the connection… I envied his power and freedom to be able to do what he wanted. But he had also destroyed a part of me that would never heal, and I knew this because I could already feel a scar on my heart and my emotions no longer flowed into him, they flowed into thin air.

“Are you alright?” He asked very sweetly, almost like an angel was talking to me. I wished he hadn’t of said that because it set my heart on fire and I was on the verge of crying an ocean.

“I-I-I… can’t… I…” Who would’ve expected me to be alright? I zoned out for a few seconds while I imagined myself alone. Alone with no one to hurt me anymore. Alone to endure the pain I’d already gained because that would’ve been the last thing he’d of given me. Just pain and isolation.

“I-I need to go.” I spoke those words almost inaudibly and turned to walk away. He didn’t try and stop me as I staggered towards Jada. I passed her but she saw my face and followed after me. We ended up at the girls toilets and I instantly looked in the mirror. The torture of Daniels words had left enough pain on my face to make me look psychotic. The person in the mirror freaked me out so much that I pulled away from it and entered the biggest of the five cubicles where I locked the door. I sat down on the ground and unleashed my misery which ate me from inside-out.

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