this is thrilling

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



The man ran up to her.

“Did you see that? It was thrilling! Absolutely thrilling!”

She had no idea what he was talking about, but she wasn’t phased. After all, the city was full of interesting characters. She continued her walk to work, taking the same path she regularly did, passing the same stores, the same street signs, hearing the same noises; it didn’t matter. While the colors of the world may have started blending together for her, what would her life be like if she lived without a routine? If she traveled, and woke up every morning and asked herself “what amazing life can I live today?”, the world would be mayhem. She couldn’t have that. That lifestyle and mindset would cultivate a society of free thinkers. That was simply unthinkable. She shuttered at the thought.

The man proceeded to follow her down the street. She looked down at her grey shoes in order to avoid eye contact and make it clear he needed to leave her alone.

“I’m sorry ma’am. I just got excited. I didn’t mean to come off sounding so strange.”

She looked up at him. The man was clearly another homeless man, but he was very attractive. In another life, he would have made a fine executive.

“It’s alright. Please. I’m late for work.”

“What do you do?” he asked.

“I work in an office.”

“Yes. But what do you do in the office?”

“Well. I sit in a chair and complete tasks anybody asks me to complete on my computer.”

The man laughed.

“I’m aware as to how an office works. I simply asked your position.”

She stared at him. That was a fairly intellectual thing for an insane homeless man to say. Further engagement with him however would violate strict levels of social separation that needed to be enforced. She could not, in good conscience, keep having a conversation with him.

“Data entry. I work in data entry.”

“Oh. That doesn’t sound thrilling,” he said as he increased his pace to keep up with her.

“It is. It is very thrilling. You wouldn’t understand”

“Maybe. But I know what it is to feel excitement. That doesn’t sound like it.”

She looked up at the sky. It had started to rain and she had lost her umbrella. Stupid. She had a designated spot for it. How could she have been so disorganized as to place it elsewhere. She was almost as insane as this man for doing something so stupid. She stopped walking.

“You know, we should get you cleaned up. Maybe we can get you a job interview. If we clean you up, looking the way you do, we can maybe get your life started on the right path.”

She was insane. She was definitely as insane as this homeless man, if not more. But she had lost her umbrella, so she was already insane. Forgetting to put it back in the designated terrible.

He was very taken aback.

“Alright!” he remarked. “Its going to be a thrilling day!”

She laughed at his enthusiasm. She had not seen energy like his in a long time. He lived everyday not knowing what would happen. There was no routine. He was a free thinker. How terrible?

Pulling the man along behind her, she led them into a pharmacy.

“First, we need to get you some hygienic supplies”, she said as she pulled some toothpaste off a shelf.

She proceeded to buy him shampoo, soap, and anything else she felt he might need. From store to store they wandered gathering all the materials to get a man’s life back on track. With every store and every conversation they had, she appreciated the man’s character a little more. He had some real potential in the business world. He had a sharp mind and a candid perspective, and perhaps that is what was needed to straighten out such a twisted and oppressed society.

They walked to her apartment and once inside, he immediately ran into the bathroom and proceeded to reinvent himself. After an hour, he emerged.

“You are the kindest person I have ever met. I have not felt warm water on my skin in years. This is going to be so thrilling.”

He looked extremely powerful. His strong features perfectly complimented the suit she had bought him. He was tall, broad shouldered and had icy eyes that made him look intimidating — almost dangerous. She had been right. He would have been a perfect executive in another life. She beamed at him before wondering if she was feeling something for this strange man.

“Come. Lets walk. We need to show you off to the world now.”

The city had a sector, slightly removed from the center of it where the masses would go to engage with each other away from the prying eyes of responsibility. She had never been there. She was above such levels of mediocrity. But now she was thinking that perhaps she wasn’t. As the rain stopped falling, her back stopped being so straight and she started taking deeper breaths. This is what relaxing was like. Perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all.

“Thank you,” she said to the man. “This was so exciting. I had forgotten what colors looked like a long time ago”

“No. Thank you,” he exclaimed. He looked at the sky. It had darkened once more. Rain would start falling soon. “I have the opportunity to start over now. I can build a real life. I can go into data entry, like you.”

She laughed. “Yes! You can. You can live a good life now.”

“First, I must do something. I must do something thrilling.”

He pulled out a large knife he had hidden in his jacket. She screamed. The masses around her had heard. But they didn’t care. They moved around in their own world taking care of their own worries, walking around like zombies. They saw the commotion and slowly started to dissipate as to not be entangled in such a legal mess. The world was built to abide by certain laws and certain principles and getting involved in something so wild would ultimately destroy the routine they lived by.

She screamed and screamed as he cut into her slowly, watching the blood gush out. He continued to carve into her warm still body long after she had stopped screaming.

When he had finished taking her apart piece by piece, he looked up at the sky, embracing the rain and yelled, “Did you see that!? It was thrilling! Absolutely thrilling!”

© Copyright 2020 Ellaciraptor. All rights reserved.

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