my name is casey

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casey's mum has never liked summer and lucy knows why

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012



My name is Casey. I’m thirteen and I have spent my whole life running away from bad memories of my childhood, I wish I could stop running but my mum will not let me, she does not like to face the past or remember what used to happen in our old house. I guess it just hurts her too much.

When I was ten my mum put our house on the market and we moved to a town called Buxton, I guess she was trying to find somewhere completely opposite from where we used to live,and Buxton was the best place that she could find that was affordable.

Ever since I could remember mum has been sending me off to stupid summer camps all over the country, never to the same one twice each with a name sillier than the last and all of them filled with kids half my age with massive grins spread permanently across their faces. I’ve never taken to any of this summer camp lark I’ve been at it for nearly nine years now and I can honestly say I’d rather mum had kept me at home.

I guess that was never an option though with mum, she never spent summer at that house I guess it was the time when she remembered the most that went on there, I remember every day of what happened but mum doesn’t want to remember she puts it to the back of her mind and it actually works for her. But I guess it doesn't work for the summer that is the one time she cannot get what happened out of her head.

At the age of eleven I refused to go to anymore silly summer camps and I guess mum accepted my decision because she didn’t argue with me, i thought that when summer came around mum would let me stay,she'd let me carry on at the house,but when the time came she packed up all of our stuff and drove to auntie Loretta’s. God how I do hate my auntie Loretta,she has always looked down her nose at me, she definitely hates my hair she says I look like an old lady with hair my colour, it’s a very light blonde due to all the sun I've got at summer camps, mum always tells me she's just jealous and I guess it’s probably true.

Auntie Loretta’s house is in the middle of nowhere and is absolutely no fun at all. She gets everyone up at six a.m. by ringing a bell five times then walking into your room and opening the curtains to let all the light in. Let’s just say Auntie Loretta got a bit of a shock when I put the wardrobe in front of the door to prevent her from coming in the next morning.

There is one good thing about auntie Loretta’s house though, she has a stable with two horses in and even though I'm not allowed to ride them under any circumstances I am allowed to look after them and go and see them.

So today after breakfast I put on my coat and started to walk up the long path that leads to the stables, the wind was quite light today but it was still cold and I had to wrap my arms tightly around myself to stop shivering, so much for it being summer break.

As I neared closer to the stable I heard an unfamiliar voice, it sounded like a boys voice I jogged over and put my ear up against the doors and sure enough I could hear a voice as clear as day talking to the horses. In my eagerness I stood up on tiptoes trying to hear more clearly but I fell and crashed through the doors. Sure enough there before me stood a little boy.

For a few moments neither of us spoke, each of us just staring. He must have been wondering whether to run or not but decided against it as a few seconds later he spoke to me.

“who are you” he had an accent to his voice but I could still understand what he said

“my names Casey, I live in the big house over there, what are you doing here” I was intrigued to know who this boy was and why I had never seen him before

“my name is bobbie, this is where I have been living ever since I can remember


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