once i banged my head...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
lucy bangs her head and wakes up in a strange room,instantly she clicks that something isnt right and when she seees a tall girl standing on a window ledge she knows that she has to buy herself some time until someone notices that this girl has gone missing and comes to find her..

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012



Suddenly as the world came back into focus i began to realize where i was and what i was doing there,i stood in the Centre of a cold dark room facing a whitewashed wall,something in the back of my mind told me that something was wrong and i immediately span around to scan over the rest of them room,a tall girl stood at the far wall of the room and i felt a pang of uneasiness surge through my body,i looked around her for any signs of danger,i found it.

she was stood on the windowsill.

it took me about half a second to fit the pieces together,she hadn't realized that i was there yet and she was obviously going to jump if i didn't stop her,so i did what i always do,i interrupted,i stepped forward a floorboard creaking as i did,she still didn't notice that i was there,i took another step forward bracing myself for whatever she was going to say,i stumbled a little and nearly fell,but the noise i made was obviously enough for her to hear because her face whipped around and our eyes met,i looked at her foolishly and she glared at me.

"what are you doing here" she demanded pointing her finger at me,the piercing glare never left her face as she looked me up and down,probably wondering whether or not shed be able to take me on or not.

"i don't know,but whatever your thinking of doing please don't do it" i was confused,but one thing i knew for sure was that if i kept her distracted for long enough then maybe she wouldn't jump off,maybe someone would realize that she was missing and would come to find her.

she turned her back on me and sighed loudly,she shook her head and began to laugh,her laugh was definitely unique,if she was feeling happy that would be one of the funniest laughs ever,one that would warm peoples hearts,but this girl was obviously feeling anything but happy because as soon as she started laughing my whole body froze up,i suddenly knew how she must be feeling,awful,she was depressed and i knew she was soon going to start trying to make me feel bad,it was the only way she was going to feel any better,and here it came.

"look at you,stood there in your designer clothes and with your hair styled perfectly" i looked down and realized she was right,i was wearing my jack wills top and some navy blue leggings with my pink Nike blazers,i guessed she was right about my hair too aswell then,it had obviously been styled properly,i couldn't remember though,id obviously had one hell of a fall before i woke up in here "i bet you think you look all special and pretty,well let me tell you now,you don't look pretty or special at all,you look like a downright hoe you look stupid as hell and i cant believe nobody else has told you" i couldn't tell if she was lying or not,but i just assumed she was.

"please" i said loudly making it clear by the one of my voice that i didn't take any notice of her earlier comment "just get down off that window ledge and we can talk,all i want you to do is talk to me,please" I'd changed my voice into a soft one at the end of that,i thought maybe if i tried a gentler approach she might see reason,it would buy me some more time,maybe someone would finally notice that she had gone missing.

she was laughing,and this time it wasn't a sarcastic spine chilling cold hearted one,she was fully laughing happily,and i was right it warmed my heart when she laughed,i didn't know why she was laughing obviously,maybe it was the look i had on my face or maybe I'd reminded her of something funny someone had once said, i waited for her to finish laughing and for her to tell me what was so funny,she stopped and it sounded like she was waiting for something.

"your just like me" she said a smile beaming across her face "you wont give in its quite funny really" she'd relaxed a lot now and i think she was about to come down the steps,she lost her footing and nearly fell,once she felt safe again she carried on stepping down and finally when she reached the last step she started laughing again.

now she was stood at the same level as me she didn't seem so tall,i could also now see her a bit better,she was about 17 and had a messy black bob,from what i could see she had quite small features,small nose and lips and ears,her eyes were a harsh green which made her look funky in a retro sort of way,she wore black ankle socks and a knee length skirt with a knitted jumper over it,she was indie,and boy could you tell.

"I'm crystal" figures,i knew she'd have a unique name to top off her unique dress sense

"I'm Lucy" and just like that we clicked.

i think crystal had more to say about her life than i had about mine to be honest,we had been talking for hours when crystal asked me the question,the one question i couldent seem to answer,i just really couldent remember at all what had happened to me and how i had got here,crystal called it fate,she said we must have had a bond something pulling us together,i didnt really belive her,but i went along with it anyway i didnt really want to hurt her feelings and make her get up onto that windowsill again.we talked for ages and there was always one question still staying at the back of my mind.

why hadnt anyone come to look for crystal yet?

"i know what your thinking" she said calmly to me,she was looking at me pittyingly,like i didnt understand things the way she did,i hated her looking at me like that, i felt like i was 2 again,it was awful,urgh

"what do you mean you know what im thinking? and would you please just stop looking at me like that" i immideatley regretted the way i said that but she just shrugged it off and laughed.

"your thinking,why hasnt anyone come looking for her yet,arent you? you thought that by now people wouldve sent out a search party for me and searched everywhere for me and rung me loads,but your worng,none of them care about me,and thats the reason i was stood up there" she gestured to the windowsill and all i could do was sit there speechless.

I didn't like how she'd said that and I certainly thought that someone would have noticed she was missing yet,what about her family,they should have come to look for her,surley they should have,I mean she was nice,I don't see how people couldent get along with her like I was doing,I was confused now and I think she could tell. “They haven't come to look for me yet,none of them have,because they don't care about me,they just think,oh crystals just gone off on one of her suicide mission talks or something,none of them realize what I actually do,none of them care,they wouldent come looking for me even if I'd been gone for a week,there stupid and cruel and heartless” she said this in a cold way like she hated her family and friends and something told me that they weren't really all that bad to be honest. “I bet they do worry about you crystal and I know I wouldent think that if you walked off,there probably looking for you right now,don't be like that” I was trying to be reassuring to her but I don't think it was worth it,obviously in crystals eyes her family and friends were monsters,I didn't like that it made me feel uneasy.

i watched crystal for a while and we had a laugh and we talked a lot,crystal was halfway through telling me a story about when she was little but all of a sudden she froze,she was sat very still and her breathing was fast she waited and so did i,but eventually i started to hear what crystal had heard long before i had,someone was coming up the stairs,very quietly and very slowly,but they were coming alright and by the sound of it they didnt want us to know they were coming.

ever so slowly crystal urged me to stand up,she held a finger to her lips as if so say i should be silent,she begun to stand up and so did i,i was bien very carefull as i didnt want to make any sound,we stood there for a few seconds and i could still hear the faint sound of footsteps,crystal started to step back and she urged me to aswell,we crossed the room slowly and hid behind a large wardrobe,we could still hear the footsteps coming up the stairs and they were getting louder now which meant the person was getting closer.

suddenly the door handle creaked and the door was pushed open,it banged into the wall and we heard a large cracking sound followed by cursing from whoever was stood there,crystal was still tensed up beside me obviously she knew who this person was.

"i know your in here,just come out" it was a guy,and god he sounded angry "come out crystal,im not going to hurt you" crystal looked scared and i certainley wasnt going to let this guy know she was here,even though i didnt know crystal very well but i certainley didnt want anyone to hurt her.

"who's crystal" i asked making my voice sound curious "im the only person here" i stepped out from behind the wardrobe and looked straight at the door.

as soon as i saw him i realised why crystal was so scared,god this guy was muscly and he was tall too,i have to stopcovering for people i hardly know,if i looked shocked to see who this guy was the look on his face had to be ten times worse than mine,he looked like he was about to faint.

'wh-wh-wh-who are you' he stammered,yup he really was shocked to see me.

'bieng honest with you here im called lucy and dont even bother asking me how i got here cause i dont know,i woke up in this room' i still couldent remember how i got here and i couldent remember if i ever would.

'hey wait i think i recognise you a bit' what? now this was wierd,he recognised me i mean he didnt look familiar to me at all.

'wait,you recognise me,i dont recognise you' i was soo confused now,man this has been so wierd.

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