Hate Myself

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Meh this is sort of cliche and not my best, but yeah.

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012



It’s hard to explain yourself when you don’t even know

Exactly what you’re feeling and you’re hoping it doesn’t show

But it’s not too hard to pretend you’re okay

When deep down you’re crying in a silent way


Yeah, you may have heard these words millions of times before

But how do you know how it feels like for sure?

The truth is, you don’t

And you probably won’t


All you know is what I let you know

All you hear is what I let you hear

And all you see is what I let you see

You don’t know the real me


If you were me

You would understand the way it feels to be the second choice

The one that’s always left with empty hands

Feeling so cold and alone

Not even sure anymore where you stand


I know I’m not alone

I’ve got a lot of people who would talk to me if given the chance

I have so much to admit, and deep down I know what it is

But when you’re standing there, I don’t know what to say


Nothing comes out

It’s like I’m playing a game

But the truth is, my mind is the one playing with me

So I’m sorry if I leave you without any words

Even if I said I would tell you what I hate about my world

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