My World Inside My Head

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Oh the things I can do and the places I can go with my imagination. And no one ever has to know what I am thinking. P.S. The name on the cover art is my name from Wattpad!I did not steal it, although I didn't draw it.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



My imagination is a place for all my thoughts
It's a place that I can go to whenever I feel lost
I can think what I want
And do what I dream
I can fly like a bird
Or walk upon the sea

My imagination is always there for me to use
It never leaves me ever
I depend on it to snooze
It belongs to me
And the thought makes me smile
Cause dreaming a bit, makes extra time worthwhile

My imagination can take me anywhere
I can float above the clouds
Or dance with the rain
It's any place I want to go
No matter how weird it may seem
I can dance upon the rooftops
Or scream above the trees
And I can fall through the air
Without having to be scared

My imagination can make me be an expert at violin
It can make me have a voice that lets me feel free to sing
I can make up my own rules
And make everyone obey
My laws would be fair ones
And everyone would be brave

My imagination let's me look the way I want
It allows me to control what others think of me
I can pretend I'm on a stage
Performing without fear
And the audience would smile
They would raise their arms and cheer

My imagination let's me hold that lifestyle I want
I can walk through the days with a feeling of flaunt
Or I can just make time never end
I can hold on fast to memories and let myself mend

My imagination is a place I can help others, family and friends
The ones that helped me through tough times who I must repay
I can finally help their problems go away
So they feel light as a feather floating through the misty breeze
They won't cry tears of pain
Only tears of joy
And their laughter won't be fake no longer
It will be rejoiced

My imagination is where I can control who exists
The people who bother me
Will longer be there like a brick
I can either make them leave
Or make them nice like the people I believe

My imagination is a place where I can go back to the old days
To the old ways where life was better
Where I could truthfully say
Here is where I want to stay

My imagination is a place where I can make everyone get along
My family would be happy together
Our bond would be strong
No more fights
No more tears
No more tired lonely years

My imagination is a place where I can fall in love
I can have an angel sent from above
They would be true to me
They'd love me for who I am
And I'd fall in love with them
For everything they are

But in the end

When I awake

Reality strikes me without a face

And I realize

With deep dismay

That none of these things will ever take place

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