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Sarah Austin lives a beautiful life, with loving parents, lots of friends, and a handsome boyfriend. All is well, until one night, she runs into an old man, and something inside of her twists. She realizes there's something missing. Something she hadn't felt for herself. She realized that she doesn't know who she is.
In a journey to find herself, Sarah experiences multiple situations that teach her self love, confidence, and the importance of knowing yourself.
For all those who feel like they don't know who they are and what they want to be, I hope you can connect with Sarah.

Submitted: March 20, 2016

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Submitted: March 20, 2016



Chapter 1 


I wake up at the sound of my mother yelling, as usual, for breakfast. i hadnt realized i overslept until I looked at my watch. 6:30 A.M. I usually wake up at 6:00 sharp; not that I need more time to dress, but I usually read a little before heading out. 

"Sarah honey you're late! Come on downstairs." Mom is a time control freak. She could literally abandon a long time friendship if that friend were to be 10 minutes late. My father, on the othee hand, is quite calm about the whole -be there on time or die- situation. He couldn't  make it? big deal, we'll reschedule. Yet, despite their differences, they've been married for almost twenty years now and still look at each other like they're newly weds.

I pick anything that goes with my blue jeans and walk downstairs to be welcomed with the gourgeous smell of freshly made pancakes with syrup on the side. Too bad I won't enjoy my breakfast being officially late to school. I rtake a small bite and grab my bag. 

"Later guys. Love you." I get out before I can here the usual 'we love you too honey, be good' response. I walk to school every mornig because the great 'Island High School', where all my freinds are probably wondering why I'm late, is close to my house.And by all my friends I mean Lizzy, my best friend since the second garde; Luke, Lizzy's boyfriend; and my friend since Lizzy had a crush on him (which is like 2 years, maybe?), and my boyfriend, Ryan whom I've been with for about 4 months now. Along with a whole group of people I only know by name. I don't mean to be self centered or anything, but we're the popular squad in school. Everyone invites us for parties and they all want to sit with us during lunch, some of the lower classes even ask for our signatures. I genuinely dont give the matter much thought because it doesn't really matter to me as it does to Lizzy and the rest. 

I arrive to the campus and hear Lizzy talking to Ryan. 

"Where the hell-"

"Right here" I say while waving my hand. Lizzy runs up to me and hugs me, then ryan pulls me in for a small kiss, before he speaks,

"I was worried you were sick or something happened, and Miss Physcho here was about to go to your place." Ryan said while laughing. 

"Don't worry. I'm perfeclty fine. Just overslept. Let's head in."

And with that we eneterd to begin an awfully long day filled with pop quizes and Calculus disasters.

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