You catch more flies with Honey than you do with vinegar

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

*Completed* Cat fights between siblings can turn pretty ugly, but nothing compares to the rivalry between Jennifer and Honey. They are twin sisters but one gets treated better than the other. So help god they don't rip each others hair out before graduation. Leave your comments please :)

Table of Contents

You catch more flies with Honey than you do with vinegar

Jennifer is a girl without many friends, but thats all thanks to her sister Honey. After she goes too far, her and her one friend will find a way to get revenge. Read Chapter

Today at school we bumped into each other in the hallway and I dropped my books, and as the gentleman he is, he helped me with them. As w... Read Chapter

We sat in the cave for hours and then we suddenly herd thunder and saw lighting, then it started pouring. Shit, we are screwed. Luckily, ... Read Chapter

Me and Lily went back home and I once again ran up to my mum and hugged her. She held my arms tight and pushed her arms out straight and ... Read Chapter

I stared at my phone for ages thinking if I should call him or not. While I was still arguing with myself, I felt my phone start vibratin... Read Chapter

Note: From now on, I'm not posting anymore unless i know that people actually like it (comments) :) *********************************... Read Chapter

“Well, first of all, he asked me who I fancied. I obviously told him and when I did I saw a depressed expression on his face. I felt ba... Read Chapter


I picked up the phone anyway and started talking to her. Apparently, he jumped on her and she only liked it for a second before she reali... Read Chapter

As I walked through the huge gates of school that Monday, I was approached my Joe, Ken and Brad. They were Marks best friends. Oh my G-d ... Read Chapter

  The next couple of weeks were the best weeks of my life, except for one thing. I hadn’t heard from Lily in weeks. I tried ca... Read Chapter

“Alright class, I’m going to pair you up, boy and girl and you are going to look after this baby as if it were yours.” I looked at ... Read Chapter

Sadly, today I have two classes with her and both teachers are very strict so they won’t let me move seats which means I am stuck next ... Read Chapter

BTW guys I won't be able to post for a week or so because I've got school camp. UGH. Till then, Cya :) ********************... Read Chapter

Back from camp so here you go :) ************************************************************************************** I careful... Read Chapter

When my eyes fluttered open I noticed Mum, Dad and James crowding around me with horribly worried expressions on their faces. Especially ... Read Chapter

“Heard about your little break up sissy.” She said tauntingly.   “What do you want Honey?” I replied in a very impat... Read Chapter

Hey guys, I'm not trying to be a fan whore or anything but if you don't mind, please post a comment saying that you are actually reading ... Read Chapter

It was about 8 am when we arrived at the camp. So different to home. Everyone was wearing uniforms and marching around in lines. Definite... Read Chapter

“Uhh no. Why don’t you go running back to the plastic surgeon to fix that fake nose of yours? He really screwed it up.” She gasped ... Read Chapter

“Sorry, I didn’t catch all of your names” I said urging them to tell me.   “I’m Skye.” Said the girl. Awesome na... Read Chapter

Havn't posted in a while. Sorry guys. Please leave your comments because I'm not sure what you guys think of my story so far :)  ... Read Chapter

Today was first day of school and I was anticipating to see if my teacher would be a pain or not because here, I only get one teacher so ... Read Chapter

Hey guys im soooo super duper sorry I havn't posted in a MONTH.. that to me is just sickening. So I promise to make it up to you. btw, I ... Read Chapter

The end.

Hey guys, I know this is super short, but it’s the final chapter. Let me know what you think and enjoy :) “Go pack your bags, we... Read Chapter