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this is my agony
this is me

Submitted: May 22, 2015

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Submitted: May 22, 2015



If I could turn back time, I would...

I am at the early 20’s of my life, 21 to be exact.

I think I can do more things. I think I can be the person I am dreaming of ever since I was a little one. However, what is happening to me right now is not the way I planned it to be.


Would it still be possible for me to find true love? When I say true love I mean someone who will accept the real me...EVERYTHING about me.


I lost my virginity in my first boyfriend. Yes, I know it was not a good introduction but it is the truth and I can never escape that reality.


It was like a nightmare. Or shall I say, It is STILL like a nightmare. I want to get away from that dark secret of mine. I want to wash myself as many water as possible to remove all the stains that my past had brought to me. I want to free myself from that terrible experience of mine. But how can I do that? Is there anything I can do to free myself?


Yes, some say that I should accept the truth that I am not a virgin anymore. Somehow, I already accepted it. But, I am too afraid that the world wouldn’t accept me...that no one will love me again because I am not a model of chastity.


This is my agony...

This is me...



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