we can call this art

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something really cliche i wrote as an "art about art" submission.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011




art is the closest thing to the human heart.

even though our breaths are numbered,

our soul is given the chance to live on

through the things that we create.

every feeling ever felt resides in art;

in the brush strokes, or the sentences of words

we choose in hopes of doing justice 

the feelings of the days, the people, 

and the moments that meant the most to us;

to utilize the alphabet

in a form dubbed “poetry”. 

because art is the strongest of feelings, made tangible.
feelings we have to let out;
emotions felt so intensely and passionately 

that we know it wouldn’t be fair to keep hidden inside of us.
love fades and lovers will leave, but photographs capturing
moments of locked lips and days spent in the sun will
stay (if you let them).
and when our mind begins to deteriorate with age,
there is a comfort that comes in knowing that
our most precious, and once wildly vivid,
memories can be displayed before us in a photograph,
and i believe that part of us will always recognize it.  

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