I Got Two Dads ... No Big Deal!

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No Big Deal!
A series of life lessons narrated by children on social taboos, friendship, love and all the other things that grown ups seem to make complicated.

***simply just first drafts;illustrations ideas/suggestions noted***

Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



I Got Two Dads … No Big Deal!

My name is Jessica and I’ve got twoooooo DADS! No big deal…

*Illustration of Jessica smiling and pointing to her two dads behind her. Daddy and Poppy are busy with basic yard work or something along those lines.*

When I got out with Daddy, noooobody stares.

*Illustration of Jessica sitting on Daddy's shoulders, walking down the street*

When I go out with Poppy, nooooobody stares.

 *Illustration of Jessica and Poppy sitting on a park bench eating icecream*

BUT, when I go out with Daddy AND Poppy EVERYBODY stares! But I don’t care.

*Jessica skipping in front of Daddy & Poppy, who are holding hands, while passer-byers stare, some smiling, other smirking*

Sure, it’s kind of weird when teachers ask, “What do your mommy and daddy do?”

*Jessica in class with pictures of firemen, nurses, pilot on the smart board*


When my soccer coach asks for my dad to help and I ask, “Which one?”

 *Jessica on soccer field*

And then, I get people asking, “Where IS your mommy?” but I tell them, “I don’t need a mommy, I have Poppy and he is just like a mommy …. Well, almost.”

*Illustration up to artists's interpretation*

Sure, he doesn’t wear high heels and lipstick like my other friends’ mommies. But he DOES bake cookies with me, like other mommies. He combs my hair, like other mommies. Poppy even paints my finger nails for me, just like other mommies.

*Jessica and Poppy*

Daddy plays baseball, just like other daddies, and me and Poppy cheer for him when he hits the ball.

*Jessica and Poppy standing and cheering from crowd, while Daddy hits the ball*

Some people ask if my daddy is a hair dresser. I just laugh because Daddy is a lawyer and Poppy teaches yoga.

 *Left page Daddy in a suit in an office or something Right page Poppy in a yoga studio*

A lot of my friends’ mommies love Poppy and go to his yoga class too!

*Artist's interpretations*

Poppy and Daddy host parties for our neighbours. Daddy talks sports with other daddies and Poppy talks to the mommies about gardening ... and also about how sloppy daddies are.

*Artist's interpretations*

Sure , mommies are great ... and sure, sometimes people took at us funny ....

*Artist's interpretations*

… but I’ve got two dads who love me so much and to me, that is a big deal.

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