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What came first? Real Intelligence or Artificial? I think it' a shame that I was even inspired to write a poem of this nature. Simply because there is enough room for everyone to enjoy reality without the compartmentalization of life. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: October 01, 2013

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Submitted: October 01, 2013



" Oh, you Barcode " written on 3-17-11

I once was told that money talks and bull ish walks,

it seems money stinks like that  of which is mentioned at the end of the statement,


Gotta make this appointment,

This engagement and that,

What about the present moment,

don't let that get lost in black,


"Those don't matter", you say?

"I have this what I call a mansion, these cars, my yacht."

Yeah? Well what about when your coins, paper, and cards won't matter,

and it's not you but something else that attempts to clearly guide your thoughts,


Together we could fight against the same enemy,

Oowee,  Most High, I'm down to my last,

Battered and bruised, at times I feel ,

my soul is running on an empty  tank of gas


To keep my pace with the one thing that controls the thought of man,

Comes down to what a stranger says in regards to a retail tag,

I relax, learn and listen to HIM so I know I'm growin

I feel it internally and externally,

Who knows, to you it might not be showin,


Future barcode, allow me to put things in perspective,

For your re-directive, within the retrospective of the currently active police state that you are..



They don't care about how much you are put in rotation,

how you are laid down before the nation,

how many struggle in and out of their daily lives

walking around confused in this abomination (Before THE MOST HIGH/THE CREATOR OF ALL)

They care not about balance, but focus on chaos, minute ways to conspire for us an end,


Conquer this enemy with a sound mind, a disciplined body and keep a tight grip on your soul,

I beg you Brothers and Sisters who are of Hue-Man descent,

Your commitment to The Most High will be noticed,

And you will bear witness to  the Truth rising again.


© Copyright 2019 Ellemenae. All rights reserved.

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