My-Grains by Sasha

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When I was reminiscing about my constant migraines as a child...this popped in my head. I hope you all enjoy

Submitted: October 31, 2013

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Submitted: October 31, 2013



As a child, I was screaming,

In my head was a streaming, firey throbbing feel,

No one would belive me then and the x-rays showed nothing wrong,

She's alright", Dr. Raine would say,

"just give her the fruity tasting pills".

But oh my goodness the endless pain wouldn't go away.


It's pounding with heat flowing through my skull,

So loud I have to cover my ears,

"Hello? Anyone out there, my head is about to explode! Can anyone hear?",

Of course you don't becuase the language I speak, these humans cannot hear.


Radiating back and forth, forth and back, side to side,

Wait! Stop! Breathe, imagine you're on an isle,

Like that of Jamaica, green, fruitful and vast,

Deep inhale, deep exhale, Ahh...why is this thought so peaceful?

The stillness is within me at last,


Controlled breathing, eyes closed,

My lips moist with intent,

mind clear, thoughts pure,

Reaching out to time space and the great beyond,

Even as a child, I am content in this,


Releasing what sneeks and lurks in the bowels of the mind.

Understanding what lurks around my spirit,

These migraines were the torture of the past,

You don't want to feel it


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