The Face In The Clouds

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Many of us all have our own experiences with the clouds, that is when we take time to look up :)

*Religion and Spirituality are two separate things*

Submitted: October 01, 2013

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Submitted: October 01, 2013



The Face In The Clouds


I awaken to the sweet song of birds in the morning, they let me know he's risen again,

the sugars of their praise for him, make me feel all sweet inside

as  the Rhythms of  life begin.

After a kiss on my Kings valley of smooth endlessness,

I speak the TRUTH each morning after conversing with He who Is,

then tend to the temple he blessed me with,

My thoughts are all of thanks as  I flow,

from reciting the keys to Truth, each of them add to my glow,

Awakening my children, with the warmth of a hand woven quilt,

It's the love, goodness, and truth in them, I live to  uplift,

I walk outside to take in all the Neter(Nature) Morning that I can,

The birds continued to sing, and just then it began,

The clouds above my head, parted to  reveal,

The most vast and beautiful African woman, surely only clouds could indeed conceal,

her hair in an endless afro bun, her face full of motherly goodness, she nodded to remind me that she is real,

I bowed in adoration and respect, for this is the Womb-Man if it weren't for her, us women would not have the blessing of a womb,,

She accepted my bow an told me she wanted to see my daughter, so I ran to her room,

Skye! I called, come, see her face, the beauty of all ages, not to ever be attested

Skye looked up and her jaws dropped as she bore witness,

To Her majesty's Royal presence, smiling and giving way to sway and swirl, like that of a soft serve cone,

My daughter and I looked at each other and agreed that we need not think we are alone anymore,

The face In the clouds was more than an event that changed my very core,

In that moment it all came to me,than what many claim to be and instead


Yes, the face in the clouds showed me the way,

I am a Womb-Man, recognized by the Universe as such,

I am proud this day


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