The Misguided Ones

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I do not write from imagination. I write from the vastness of Truth that has been here since the dawning of time and historical record.

Submitted: January 04, 2014

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Submitted: January 04, 2014



Long ago, there was a land known as Alkebulan that was heralded around the globe because of its flourishment of life. However, when the misguided ones saw that land, they saw an opportunity for going against the reality that had been laid out for mankind to live peacefully and grow happily with each other. Now before you read further, just know that over thousands of years now, there has been an ongoing attempt to neutralize the impact this simple truth has on individuals. However, I am aware that from Pacific Islanders to Ancient Sumerians, everyone started from one place and thats where this will begin.

In order to understand exactly what has happened, one must look at the real archeological evidence of where hue-manity started. Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop successully proved in his book, The African Origin of Civilization, that beyond the shadow of a doubt, every person on this planet comes from an Alkebulan man and womb-man. You will have to listen to his lecture and look at the proof yourself to gain a full understanding. The land mass that we now know as Africa was much larger than what we see present day. In the center of this land mass was a great river known as the Nile River, which sustained mankind for millions of years. Along this river, civilzations like, Nubia, Kush, Memphis,  and a plethora of others lived and flourished in this land of life. They migrated to an area of land that was called Kemet or Kmt. Kmt means Land of the Blacks. In Kemet, the wisdom of the traditions that had thus far been laid out for mankind were physically beginning to show. They were beautifully interconnected to Nature, like that of the Original people in the movie, "Avatar". There was no such thing as religion, there was only living righteous for the Most High and for the continuation of the Earth's people. Present day civilization seems to have no time to acheive this metaphysical reality due other "committments". Dr. Diop called his findings the Mono-Genetic Theory (African Origins of Civilization) and today it is quite applicable when looking at and understanding what state our livelihoods are in now. It takes down a lot of unecessary barriers that the misguided Yurugu have put up as an attempt to keep the children of Alkebulan from finding out how truly precious they all are. I pose a question to you though, when will you committ to the truth? The truth that Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop posed which was that we all come from a Black Man and Black Womb-Man who served one power....Nature or in the original form of the word...Neter ( which means The One Most High)? Life only gets easier when you accept this as the reality it has always been.

Now, if indeed there is still a slight bit of resistance to the information that you are receiving here, chew on this for one moment, a Yurugu male by the name of Danson, took the time to violently disjoint another Yurugu's skull from his mandible and glue it to the mandible of an Ape. He did this in an attempt to discredit the findings of Dr. Diop  and come up  with the so-called Poly genetic theory which states that mankind sprouted from various locations. His bad, though, his plan backfired somewhat because while working at the British Museum a Docent figured out the deception that he had put in place.The Yurugu, as Dr. Marimba Ani ( Yurugu, Ani)  calls them, have always had problem with reality as it already has been given. When they get upset they begin to do mischevious things that cause cultural damage to those people they prey upon due to the fact, they have no culture of their own. The Yurugu only have a glimmer of imagination. It seems that enough damage had been done because Danson took the time to dig up the earth, put this abomination in the ground and dig it back up to proclaim that Europeans started in Europe. He got a team of fellow Yurugu liars to back him up and eventually they convinced other races of people to do the same because they didn't want to acknowledge the Truth. So I ask you gain...are you courageous enough to stand up for whats real and not myth and fictional?

Alright we have seen where there is archelogical evindence of everyone on the planet having come from a black man and woman. Well, if that's true then why do African people remain is such despairity?

To answer this question you have to look at what actually happened to their land. Now mankind started along the Nile River and expanded outward towards the land of Kemet after the populus began to grow. For at least 6 million years, they were already practicing the 42 Laws of Ma'at and living in Harmony with The Creator that made them. The 42 Laws of Ma'at are daily laws to live by to ensure a succesful afterlife for those melanated beings. These 42 laws were so precious that down through the years they have been copied and re written( i.e. The Ten Commandments). Along with these 42 laws, Sutten Thutmoses the 1st brought forth 7 Laws of Life that Govern both our physical and meta physical realities ( Chandler Ancient Future). Tehuti's name has been changed to Hermes and put into so-called, Hermetic Law. These books you see about the 7 Laws of attraction, The 7 this the 7 that all come from one source, again, these 7 Laws came during the reign of Sutten Thutmoses the 1st through the 3rd. For the sake of your mental space and mine, if you are interested, you must go read the Orginal 42 Laws written on the Papyri by Ani and his wife Tutu in The Book Coming Forth By Day. These foundations for continual life in righteousness, truth and justice were spotted by the Misguided ones and twisted to please their carnal desires of greed which is to take advantage of and to go against  the Laws Neter (Nature) has provided. Not that soon after Alkebulan was attacked by the Greek and Roman armies,  they started to pretend teach these laws in order to begin  the conquest of the world in the name of a Yurugu called Ptolemy the 1st (mistakenly called Jesus the Christ). Now, the misguided ones who knew of the Laws of Tehuti, knew also that this Jesus thing was a lie. However at this point, Alkebulan has been attacked, Kemet has been re-named Egypt ( a Greek Word) all their schools, libraries burned and destryoed, The Temples raided and pillaged, the masses of the populus has either been forcefully removed, murdered, or made to adjust to the lie being brought forth. The Yurugu, decided to play this crude song in every place they could try and through bloodshed, corruption and pure evil they have convinced the world, that they brought the light, when in fact everywhere the Yurugu have gone, they have attempted to put the light out. I am writing this for you today so that perhaps your light, should you choose to use it in the dark times we are in, is fueled by the power of the Truth.

So, we have now looked at the fact that before the attack of The Land of Alkebulan, there was peace and harmonious balance surrounding them. The spiritual breakdown of a people took place by terrorism and the forcefeeding of a lie. Our people are in desparity right now because, their minds have been filled with garbage that leads them nowhere but to their imagination and heart both of which are not to be trusted because without Ma'at in them, there is no substantial Truth that can be applied to one's daily life. Clinging to the myth of Jesus has seemed to  cripple all of the people of Melanin for the time being. So I ask you, can you let go of the lie that was fed to our people around 325 A.D. within the Council of Nicea in Greece? Can you find the 42 Laws and the Laws of Tehuti in order to get your Melanated mind back?

Next we must look at the physical breakdown of the people who once ruled this planet with Peace. Now, there were many things going on around the time the myth of Christ rose up out of the blood and ashes that Greece left behind. Things like, homosexuality, deceit and the worse thing that can happen, a plot to enslave the Alkebulan people and scatter them about. So between the years 1400 and 1600, Queen Isabella working alongside the Pope of Rome and other misguided ones, decided to fund the Slave Trade. The dispersion of millions of Alkebulan treasures scattered around the globe. The first people on the planet were brought into disease, filth, sodomy, homosexuality, cursing, and  lands crawling with incomplete, misguided people claiming that their "God" said this was okay, their God said that they are superior to all other races and we were to shut up and get with the program. Now again dear reader, the Truth of Life comes from the people of Alkebulan, which we now know are Black people. Why the heck do the children of the Land of Life have to be subjected to this treatment? Because for thousands of years up til right before 325 A.D. the Alkebulan people stood their ground on the foundations of life and they fought the Yurugu over and over again, making the Yurugu scatter in fear from their land. The Yurugu found a way, through the use of sorcery, to capture and torment the ones who defend the TRUTH of Life. So along comes slavery to create even more of a mish mosh of Yurugu mess. Through slavery while the Yurugu ran in fear of the small hats an in turn go their pockets fattened,  millions of lives were lost and my people's lives remain  traumatized for generations even up until today. Slavery was the cause of us beginning to drink alcohol as a people, slavery was used to convince us that money and Christ( a make believe person) is the only way to survive. Slavery was the cause of homosexuality being put in our race. This kind of trauma is so impactful that it can literally change the dna of a person. These events are a result of external stressors that don't let up. How many Brothers and Sisters of Alkebulan can honestly say they don't feel the impacts of slavery anymore? Physically speaking, our people will never be the same until they find the mental power to revert back to what their natural state was prior to this second massive attack on our people as a whole.

Alkebulan enslavement was the first atrocity that happened to our planet. For the Alkebulan people are the holders of the keys to life that will sustain this planet for millions of more years to come. We can never so called move on from slavery because the fact remains that it happened and results of that taking place are just dolled up and polished over now. The enslavement went from shackles on the feet to shackles of the mind. When you disconnect a people from their original selves, it's kind of like they are left on auto-pilot, psychologically speaking of course. When you leave a enough deadspace in your mind, The Yurugu will feed you all of the false truths you'd need to be successful in the world they see as their own. When one does this, they are in essence giving their mind over to them. In which case, the Yurugu now see you as a willing slave and willing to do whatever they say without question because you internally see them as "God". The physical breakdown of our people took place because if the Yurugu hadn't, the children of Alkebulan would surely stand up again and again to fight to the death for The will of The Great Living Mind or The Creator.

This is but a short summary of what has happened. The full version is everywhere for you to see, dear reader. If the scales are to be balanced again and this planet is to be saved, have some strength, courage and wisdom enough to gain more insight to the Truth while you still can. See, there will come a time when all of this technology will not be used anymore. The technology of your mind will be called upon once again for this Life Planet's sustainment and well we honestly have no time for doubts. Fuel your Mind with the Truth and Ammun-Nut-Ra-Ausar- Auset and all of the Elders and Ancestors will set you free. These names are the original names of our Beginning and I hope you remain open to the Truths they have to share with you. Be courageous for the Right reason.


Ahsas Maat Ka Ra


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