The boy in the woods

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The beginning of something im working on im pretty excited about it and just want to see what everyone would think of it.

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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Submitted: July 03, 2014



He had blue eyes. Beautiful deep blue eyes, like the ocean. His smile was so endearing and infectious that it made you smile. Falling in love and I mean falling hard in love is rare, giving your heart to someone is scary, you literally hand over everything you are to someone and hope that they will never hurt you. That’s why I guess they say you fall in love, because you lose all stability in where you are standing, hoping that you will rise with someone. Not all love is beautiful and perfect but when it’s real it’s real. All I knew is that I loved him and no matter what my head was telling me, I couldn’t fight it. I wasn’t going to let him fall alone.


Waking up to a miserable January morning was equally depressing as the fact that my mum forgotten to pay the heating bill, so the house was just as freezing as what it would be outside. My mum and dad were sprawled on the settee, empty bottles in hand. I had always seen first-hand what their love had done for each other and truly I always swore that I would have no part in it. Seeing how it can destroy two people was enough to drive me away from any girlish fantasy. My mum and dad met when they were fifteen, childhood sweethearts who were swept away with the idea of the freedom their love for each other would give them, unfortunately that ‘freedom’ was soon taken away when my mum fell pregnant with me aged seventeen. They were kicked out of their homes and forced to raise me on their own, they had done a pretty good job to begin with, I knew deep down that they tried, they were young and foolish. Now eighteen years later here I stand watching over the both of them drink their sorry ass lives away as they try to claw back any freedom that was snatched away from them. I has always felt like it was my fault, I ruined their lives, that’s why I have never kicked up a fuss, I just take care of myself whilst always promising myself I will never end up like them. 

I head straight to them shower, knowing that I’ll be faced with ice cold water, but I just wanted to get out as quickly as I could. Plus it’s the only place I can think. I have school in an hour and despite the typical teenager attitude towards school about it being a hell hole, I happen to find it to be somewhere to escape. After I get dressed, brush my teeth, hair and apply my war paint I grab a cereal bar and head out the door. It’s bloody freezing and I’m wearing like three layers to battle the frostbite. Walking to college takes about twenty minutes but despite the weather it’s my favourite part of my day, I walk through the woods to get to college it’s so peaceful and for a pessimistic loner like me it’s the perfect start to my morning.

When I arrive at college I’m no longer alone there are at least a hundred students here, relatively small but still to many people for my liking. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just find it hard to find people I really connect with. I only have one real friend, Penelope, we met when we were seven and decided that it would be a good idea if we became best friends. She’s the craziest person I have ever met, she talks plenty enough for the both of us and I like spending time with her because she doesn’t give me time to think about anything, plus she’s the only one who knows that my parents are like. She’s super pretty too and knows it to. She gets all the boys, but never has any time for them, she always says that there just something to do. It’s safe to say we are pretty different, but I don’t think I would have it any other way.

“Penelope.” I call over to her, she’s standing with Hank Hemming’s, a boy in the year below who she happens to have shown as interest in for some reason. “Time to go in slutbag, put the poor boy down.” She laughs sarcastically and comes strutting over.

“He’s just passed his driving test, thought he may come in handy sometime.” She winks and grabs my arm. “And hey less of the slutbag please Gigi, that’s our secret.”

“I’m not sure it’s really a secret anymore.” I say with a smile. And with that my day has begun, its almost as though I have amnesia as I forget everything bad and I just smile. The rest of the day goes accordingly, I have history, double English and maths. And I after I finish, I say my goodbyes to Penelope who is getting lift with Hank and head home through the woods. Despite the cold weather it’s actually worth freezing my butt off to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the woods, everything seems so crisp and fresh, the leaves crack underneath my boots and everything seems so still. All of a sudden I happen to look up and see someone, which is strange because I never see anyone, but there is someone. A boy. He’s tall and wearing a trench coat, I stop for a second because I almost feel frightened, I have never come across anyone whilst I have walked home before and yet here he is just standing in the middle of the woods by himself. I can feel my heart racing I’m not quite sure what to do, then he looks up and right at me. He is strangely beautiful, but all I could see were his eyes, they were blue, so blue. His hair was pushed back and he was just staring at me and I was back at him. Everything stopped and for a second I felt as though he was looking right through me. Then out of nowhere, he walked up to me. The closer he got the more I realised how magical he really looked, his face was mesmerising and then he stopped right in front of me.

 He came right up to my face, I could feel his breath, and then he whispered, “This is no place for you.” Then with that he walked away, I was too stunned to move and I just stood there for a moment and I swear I felt as though my heart broke in that moment. I turn round to look for him but he’s gone, I feel myself blush and I feel as though it’s all been some crazy dream. Until I walk over to the spot he was and look down. That’s when I saw it, on the bottom of the tree there was a small carving, which read ‘Never Remember.’ 

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