Broken she lay

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This heart breaking poem is about the abusive physical power of a once lovely husband being taken out on his beautiful once lovely wife. She was broken but what price was this to pay? The cruelty of a man should never be taken out on to beat an inoscent soul.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



Broken She Lay

Aside from a distance, yet close enough to fear

The ways of life itslef to her were not yet so clear

Beautiful she lay

Broken was the pay

The price had not been noticed

Was this all truly bogus?

A waterfall brought by pain

An abrassion that brought the rain

Tis' no one knew the mind of man

The cruelty that lacked any fan

Beautiful she lay

Broken was the pay

A dream, A scar that once shall go away?

The nightmare of reality was far too much to pay

No other of no mind

Would be at right, could be so blind

The beauty that t'was she

Is now scarred by he

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