I Should Have Been Your Hero

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wanted to portray guilt and love in as blunt a manner as I could with dramatic emphasis on doing something with the consequences of loss and having to deal with said impacts.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012




He stood there staring out to the horizon, listening to the ocean crash below the white cliffs. The sun had just begun to set and was sinking fast into the dark water and would soon disappear below the rocky edge and he would be left in darkness. His soft brown hair blown back by the sea breeze and his navy blue t-shirt clinging onto him as it was carried by the wind. The heavy feeling of acceptance and guilt was pushing down upon him and pushing him towards the cliff side, there was just less than a meter gap between him and the deathly drop.

She approached him from behind each footstep was delicate and made hardly a sound, her long hair smoky and soft, almost white in the light of the setting sun. Reaching forward she placed her hand gently on his shoulder and took one more step so she was level with him, the top of her head parallel to his shoulder. She stood there for a moment not saying a word, waiting for him to react. She turned to look at the side of his face and watched him gaze at the darkening sky. Placing herself on tiptoe she put her lips to his ear and breathed, “Do you see me? Do you hear me?”

He felt safe and protected but the anger was overpowering. He tried to push away his thoughts so there was nothing but a blank canvas and rid himself of the evil that had replaced the innocence. He wanted there to be nothing left. Unblinking he waited until the sun had gone before sighing and closing his eyes to shut out the night.  

She felt his emotions abandon his body leaving a nearly empty container to a once beautiful soul. She moved round his body brushing his shoulder and grazed her hand along his back and spread her fingers so they covered the back of his neck, her thumb meeting his hairline while her pinkie lay just under the top of his t-shirt. As she caressed his skin she felt the imperfections: it had a rough surface but was always so warm and felt so natural against hers. She faced him now, looking directly at him, hoping for his eyes to open and meet hers. Wishing that she could see those captivating dark brown eyes again knowing she could get lost in them. She craved that gentle stare but in the moment feared a passionless one.

Expelling all his feelings he clung onto one like a life raft at sea. He whispered a final message and leapt forward into the void.

She remained there stunned. He had gone through her like she was less than air, almost as if she were nothing.  She spun around and fell to the ground, her hands trying to claw into the damp earth, she lent over just in time to watch him falling into the blackness before being engulfed by the hungry ocean. His words still echoed in her ears, “I love you”. 

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