I wonder if they knew

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loving someone is brave.

Submitted: September 23, 2018

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Submitted: September 23, 2018



January 30, 2018


“I Wonder If They Knew”


I wonder if they knew.

If he still would have said hi,

the way he wouldn’t dare to now.

If she still would have smiled back,

the exact way she did,

the way she can’t anymore.

Knowing what they know now,

would they have instead merely passed by,

or embraced the beautiful sting of an ignited spark?

When they met.


I wonder if they knew then.

When she dared to take his hand for the first time,

knowing that her hands would tingle now with only the taste of remembrance.

Would he have strained his arm so far,

extended his fingers so,

anticipating the sore that would sit in his muscles today.

Knowing what they know now,

would they have let go of their grasp,

or held on even tighter?

When they held hands.


I wonder if they knew then.

When her leg quaked with terrifying certainty,

and her eyes wandered with excruciating vulnerability.

If she had known,

would she have swallowed those words as if they never existed,

or would she have rushed the words out of her lips?

When he cradled her anxious wrists,

and squeezed the veins leading to her heart,

connecting his to hers.

If he had known what he knows now,

would he have bitten his tongue

or would their words have intertwined simultaneously?

When they said “I love you.”


I wonder if they knew then.

When her heart burst in front of his eyes,

and her eyes, bled from fear and hurt.

Would he have still cradled her heart with the tenderness of his palms,

or would he have let her heart go?

When he peeled his protective facade,

and spilled the tales of pain and betrayal.

Would she have caught his tears,

or would she have let them fall?

When they comforted.


I wonder if they knew then.

When his gaze gripped her tightly,

securing her, showering her, showing her the authenticity of adoration.

When the light caress of his fingertips didn’t hold a distant disposition,

When laughter, passion and joy wasn’t a bleak memory,

and they were simply themselves.

If they knew what we know now,

Would they have soaked every moment with even more laughter, passion and joy,

Or would they have cowered within,

denying themselves of each other?

When they loved.


I wonder if they knew then.

When her excruciating silence hurt him more than words ever could,

allowing the soundlessness barricade the two.

When their desires once infatuated grew flat,

and his words of consolation just grew too short.

When the little things,

the little loves,

the everyday loves,

grew more infrequent.

If they knew that this was the start,

would they have broken that silence with desperate urgency,

or would the stillness split as they walked away?

When they fought.


I wonder if they knew then.

They must have known then.

When his greeting was damaged in dread and desires dead.

When her hands turned into stone,

and their lips bleeding with teeth marks.

When the comfort between these two strangers grew uneasy.

When his adoring eyes searched for empty walls,

and her silence, for the last time, killed him.

If they knew what we know now,

would they have dared to enter, dared to hold, dared to say, dared to comfort, dared to love, dared to fight,

or would they have never?

When they left.



© Copyright 2019 Ellie Carp. All rights reserved.

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